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blue leds and sympleSEQ v. 2.0
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Author blue leds and sympleSEQ v. 2.0
Yes, I'm one of those people who just have to have them. hihi

I have used blue leds in my modular and so far I have not needed to change resistor values for leds to illuminate ok.

But since hex was so adamant that leds need to be super bright and if blue ones are used the 10k resistors should be replaced with lower value ones
I decided to follow his instructions.

I have a bundle of 6.2k and 8.2k resistors stashed away. Would those be ok or should I go for even lower values?
Of course I could breadboard it but I have already fitted all but the resistors and leds on the pcb and then changed my mind about the leds. hihi

Oh, and they are super bright ones. hyper
You should be fine with 10k and if they end up being too bright, go to 15k.
I have replaced red with blue LEDs in several modules and swapping the current limiting resistor to 15k has worked for me every time.
I like the blue color but hate the inherent high brightness, so the 15k knocks it down to a reasonable level.
Yes indeed, if it's too bright at 10k, then bring the resistor value UP to compensate. 15k is a good start for super bright blues. I HIGHLY recommend DIFFUSED blue LEDs (get 'em on eBay, search "5mm blue diffused bright LED". The non diffused kind are horrible for the eyes.
Ah, yes. I need to go up in value...of course.
Going down in value was just for non super bright leds.
That 15k sounds good or perhaps even 18k since those leds are not diffused.

Thanks guys!
+1 on diffused LED, it makes all the difference in appearance and much easier on the eyes.
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