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Another new Wiard Track
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Author Another new Wiard Track
Finished this one a few months ago, time to get it out the door.


Into the Zone was inspired by the Russian sci-fi book "Roadside Picnic" and the subsequent film "Stalker". The core premise is that aliens land on earth and after a few days take off again. No one sees them or has any contact. But they leave behind in the "zones" mysterious artifacts that appear "magic". As the book says it's as if ants discover the remains of a roadside picnic.

The track is almost entirely Wiard 300 and 1200 series. There are some processed nature recordings at the start and some unprocessed ones at the end and one of the multitracked lines within the lead is from an Oberheim Matrix 1000 but it's in with another 4 or five layers of that lead line from the Wiard. There is a fair amount of phasing going on, mainly using a Moogerfooger. One of the things in the book is that stalkers need to watch out for "mosquito mange" - invisible pockets of very high gravity - I used an old MXR Pitch Transposer with a high regeneration level to add various unpredictably warped sounds. The track ends with the sound of a stream, birds and the wind blowing through leaves. Nature always wins out. Over man or even super advanced aliens.
simply fantastic
thanks! Glad you liked it.
would be a perfect soundtrack to something happening on a screen... pure atmosphere!
Really cool track!
Thanks for sharing.
great stuff! your tracks are one of the big reasons that made me go wiard 300, i love this one as well.
slow_riot wrote:
would be a perfect soundtrack to something happening on a screen... pure atmosphere!

Agreed - I haven't played any video games in a long time, but this one reminded me of Quake 4 in some (good) ways. And there actually is a game titled "Stalker" by the way, which takes place around Chernobyl and is (supposedly, I don't know either) based on the novel mentioned above.
Just excellent ! thumbs up
badass man
this just sounds so unreal y good! hihi we're not worthy
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