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WMD Sequential Switch Matrix
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Author WMD Sequential Switch Matrix
For those that went to Knobcon, what was the mystery module?

*edited subject for clarity
came here thinking you had the goods on some new WMD.. maybe put a ? in your thread title d'oh!
Gamma Wave 2?
amnesia wrote:
Gamma Wave 2?

that'd be nice.

i'd also like the Gamma Wave 3
Has there already been a 2 and I missed it?
amnesia wrote:
Has there already been a 2 and I missed it?

no. i'm just being hilarious.
oh ha ha :-)
ignatius wrote:
amnesia wrote:
Has there already been a 2 and I missed it?

no. i'm just being hilarious.

*falls over*
Is this it?

Pro output module.
That's a fantastic looking output module, but not it! Im sure WMD will make the full muffwiggler reveal when theyre good and ready.

The blinkenlight factor of the prototype i saw at the meet was off the scale, though.
Maximus Blinkenlighten - now i am excited !!

control posted that GWS 1 is now discontinued for the 2nd version out soon.
output module looks ace, definatly gonna pick one up
looking forward to gamma wave 2
It may be notable that the page for the gamma wave source is no longer accessible through the side menu on WMD's webpage.
need gws2 details!
It's a safe bet William has something up his sleeve - can't wait w00t
apertureburn wrote:
need gws2 details!

sure.. details are all in this thread because we're just making things up as we go along.
The new module involves a matrix, although specific details I don't remember due to knobcon info overload (a real condidtion).
Been working on it for a few months with William. Not sure how much info he wants to let out at this point but yeah it's awesome.switch matrix with voltage controlled routing thumbs up
As Ben alluded to, the prototype module in the video is the WMD Sequential Switch Matrix. In the video, it's being used to feed back signals into the Geiger Counter, Hadron Collider, and Snazzy Wow & Flutter.

What it is:

Four inputs, can handle audio and CV. Precision components for pitch accuracy.

The four inputs (rows) are routed with the buttons to output columns.

If multiple inputs are selected simultaneously for an output, they are mixed together at unity gain.

A comparator input is available and each output mix is compared to the signal on the jack. This jack has a 0.5 volt normal.

The LEDs by the buttons indicate that a connection is made.

That's all well and good. The fun part is that each input to output routing matrix is then stored in an array. You can have 16 matrices in each bank. There are four banks available.

The current matrix is shown on the on the 7 segment display.

The matrix counter can be advanced with a gate signal. Reset with a gate signal. The matrix counter can be offset with CV and an offset knob.

The seven buttons near the top provide additional modes and settings. Red lettering indicates push and hold (1.5 seconds) functionality.

The bank button changes bank with a tap. Saves all matrices and settings with a hold. The save takes about 1.5 seconds. All settings are recalled on power up, but must be saved before power down. This allows you to just save changes you want, and recall patches while retaining the ability to make changes.

TopSet/TopClear - sets the upper matrix in the count for gate step inputs. Hold to clear the limit and allow the matrix to count to 16 (F). LED indicates that the top is set. Decimal point on the 7 segment display will light when the top matrix is selected.

Reset/ClearMatrix - tap to reset the counter to 0. Hold to clear all routing in the selected matrix.

Rnd/RndRcl - tap to randomize the selected matrix. Hold to set the selected matrix to always randomize upon being selected (via CV or gate).

CV Limit to Top - tap to enable and light the LED. When enabled, the CV input and offset will be constrained to the upper matrix. When disabled and a top matrix is set, the CV/Offset will offset the matrix counter. For example, if the top is 3, a gate will count from 0 to 3 and reset. Disabling "CV Limit to Top" will cause CV to offset the start of the count (if offset by 8, then the count will start at 8 and go to 11 (B)). If enabled, the top will always be 3, and the CV can be used to set the starting (lowest) matrix.

Step/Hold - Tap to step the matrix counter. Push and hold to disable CV, gate and reset signals from altering the matrix counter.

Gate Mode - Tap to change the gate modes. Available modes are step up (LED off), Step Down (LED Green), Random (LED Red).

There will be a video version available using LM6172 opamps. Video version will adhere to the LZX specifications. The inputs and outputs will operate at video rates. Routing control will not. Upper frequency of the routing control is TBD, but will run at audio rates.

The DAC 1:2 output is a voltage output (0-5 volts) of the 8 bit combination of the first two columns. This allows the first two channels' routing information (lit LEDs) to be used as a voltage output. (16 step voltage sequencer). This is always operational.

Bi-color LEDs show the amplitude and polarity of input and output signals. Comparator LEDs will be lit when the output is on.

Size is 16 HP. Depth is one PCB parallel to panel and is easily skiffable. Price is TBD. Availability should be 6 weeks for standard version. 8-10 weeks for the video version.

Wowza love
Wow! That looks great! SlayerBadger!
i think there must have been specific patch situations in mind, that led to this design, right ?
I´m much interested to hear some about if you don´t mind and have some spare time hihi

the other thing came to my mind right now is:
there must be a new conspiracy going on against us eurocrackheads.
.....................they try to ruin us cry ......... Dead Banana Dead Banana........ lol
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