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Filtrex 2 input level issue
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Author Filtrex 2 input level issue
So I fired up the filterex today for a work out and I have an issue. I did my initial testing with my cell phone headphone out as an audio source to test with and that worked fine but now when I feed the filrex a line level source, the level is barely audible (and I mean barely, I have to crank everything up to even hear it in the background) so something is amiss. I went over the input stage and everything seems in order, any ideas on obvious mistakes I may have made?
My first thought is that if it was working with a phone and not with a line input it is likely to be either something has come loose or that the input socket has been wired with the two wires the wrong way around.

My guess is on the latter - cell phones are completely isolated from ground therefore you can wire them into a grounded system anyway you like. A line input, however, needs the grounds connected properly.

I'll double check the connection but i did do a continuity test on a 1/4" TS cable when plugged in to the terminals and that checked out fine

Continuity: Good
Polarity: Not so much. (sleeve and tip reversed at the socket)

using the cell as a audio source threw me off

Thanks for the pointer
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