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PRC2B 'Noisecrusher' + PRC1 'PT Delay' = Too Fun To Record?!
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Author PRC2B 'Noisecrusher' + PRC1 'PT Delay' = Too Fun To Record?!

smile Noise Crusher sq-wave out patched to PT Delay cv2 is *so* much fun that i can't seem to resist tweaking clock-rate and rate-mod on the Noise Crusher and mod-cv2 on thd PT Delays every time i'm about to record this patch! Dead Banana

hmmm..... What i'm finding it does is allow me to control the "glitchiness" from the PT Delays in a very musically satisfying way (more gradual onset, wider range of mis-behavior especially on the mellower end of the scale) by setting them up clean and then modulating with semi-random pulse streams from the Noise Crusher. And each setting sounds quite lovely! Lotsa Love

i will try to get a recording of this uploaded soon...

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Yep noisecrusher is a party on itself.
It can easily be the center if the patch. Great job grabbing that one!
the only problem i see with that pic is you have 3 pt's and i have none.. you kids get off my lawn
Nice patch! Looking forward to hearing it.
I haven't really used it with my (1) PT Delay yet but now I'll be sure to try next time. The Noise Crusher is a lot of fun though; I need to utilize it more.
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