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Wow and Flutter expander?
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Author Wow and Flutter expander?
Searched but didn't find anything official. Still under wraps? Just a rumour?

If it's true I'm hoping Mr Snazzy can bless it with a sync input, preferably one that also divides by odd and even counts. spinning
there's a rumor about this?
HIMA wrote:
there's a rumor about this?

there is now.

never heard/read anything about it... nor do i think it needs any expander. seriously, i just don't get it

if someone wants a delay w/sync in input then someone should buy a delay w/sync input seriously, i just don't get it

that's not really what the wow and flutter is about.. right?
rumour first seen in this thread

numan7 wrote:
and snazzy fx will be releasing an expander for wow & flutter that adds stereo mode (later this year according to the product description).

Wow and Flutter is about wow and flutter but is also the best BBD delay I've tried. So a stereo synced mode would be great. Even just stereo would add a lot of uses.

i dont EVER remember saying stereo mode was coming

BUT there IS an expander port on the back

i thought I might add a weird expander at some point

sync is not on the table though

I would like to chime in on my interest for the expander!
loss1234 wrote:

i thought I might add a weird expander at some point

yes please! i love this delay.. adding more weird to it would be great.
stereo please Mr. Snazz.
Just got me one of these. Best sounding delay in euro so far. Very musical. we're not worthy
Not BBD at all though. Digital tape delay simulation.
Also the expander is mentioned on the snazzy fx homepage:
"We have also future-proofed this module by adding an expander port in the back. Coming sometime in late 2013 you can expect an expander which will add even more modulation weirdness and control to your new favorite delay module!"
Really curious about this. Any updates?
Dan teased me a bit via email about the expander. He didn't talk features, just said that he'd do the expander if there was more demand. So, post some sounds! I love mine and agree on its pedigree, but he's got to sell more to make expander worth the time.

He also said he'd consider a new panel design closer to the telephone game if he does another run.
Demand there is screaming goo yo
The W&F is on my shopping list. Can Dan tell us a little more about the expander project?

(and a TelGame panel design is welcome for my taste)
Expander I want!
been thinking about this thread for a while
and yeah I think an expander would be great if it could offer Cv control over feed back level and dry wet..
not sure what else could be added... hmmm.....
wicked module still...
I'm going to revive this thread. The wow and flutter is one of the first modules I bought. I had always been interested in the guitar pedal. I bought an echophon a while back and almost sold my WF. I recently decided to keep the WF and have been tinkering with it. I love it. My main complaint would be I wouldn't mind a longer delay time. Also, stereo would be awesome if an expander does come out. Id buy it just for that. Nothing's better than stereo delay.
if it came before christmas, i'd want one. meh
I think the best bet might be to just release the info
On what's on the header.... I have been toying with the idea
Of the expander for awhile but the Main issues are
1. I won't be increasing the delay time or adding stereo
(Stereo would require twice the amount of delay circuitry, and
Also a bunch of additional processing circuitry ( warp, a / d, etc)
Though it can DO regular delay ( with its own unique sound ) it was never meant to replace your long delays. wink

2. I had originally intended to add
Gate controllable feedback mode/ intensity (so the toggle
And the feedback knob would both be controllable via external jacks)
And possibly some other weirder features

However something I learned on the ardcore expander is that
Expander modules take just as much time, energy, and funding as a regular
( smaller) module.

So there are a few options

1: create a schematic and pcb for the expander with a FPD (front panel design file)
For those of you who really want this and have the motivation! I could then sell pcbs at a price that I could make SOME money of the project but not so high that you would file a complaint wink

2. I could wait until I have a new snazzy fx module which could pair well with the Wow , And include a header to piggyback the wow onto the other module

3. I could design the whole circuit, panel, get it ALL READY TO GO and then take pre - orders so I know that whatever I make , will be sold. I did this with the DRONEBANK and chaos brother, requiring half up front ( on this very forum! ) and it worked out very well!!! And If I made a full version like this. I am sure id add a cool modulator as well!!!

So talk amongst yourselves and figure out what is best

Option 3 is obviously what most people have been TALKING about but option 1 could be interesting to

Option 4 would be do nothing!!!


awesome to hear progress on the options for an expander

personally I would be down with PCB option 1 but would happily take part in a pre order for a built module...

the Wow and Flutter is one of my few non DIY modules...i love it:)
I'm hopeless with DIY.

Option 3 for me applause
option 3 all the way. but the other weird features would need to be really fucking weird. MY ASS IS BLEEDING
i'd pre-order an expander if the price was right thumbs up
Preferrably option 3. smile

I'd go for a Wower and Flutterer Dander Expander preorder!
bump for option 1...
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