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seriously, i just don't get it Can this fix the MIDI Issues?
Router Data Type Examples

Note: Route the range of Notes above middle C to Out1 of the Router.
Aftertouch: Limit Aftertouch by filtering the range of values over 100.

Control Change: Filter all Control Change messages within the ranges 0 - 63 and 65 - 127, allowing only Control Change 64 to pass.

Program Change: Route the range of Program Change values from 0 - 64 to Out1 of the Router.

Channel Pressure: Filter the entire range of Channel Pressure messages to remove them.

Pitch Bend: Filter the range from 0 - 64 to eliminate all downward pitch bends.

Channel Messages: This data type includes all of the above data types in a single setting. For example, filter all incoming MIDI channel messages on MIDI channel 1, or rechannelize all incoming MIDI messages on MIDI channel 1 to MIDI channel 2.

System Messages: This setting allows you select System Exclusive, Song Position Pointer, Song Select, MIDI Time Code, Timing Clock, Start, Stop, and Continue messages. There is no channel associated with System messages.

Keyboard: This special data type allows Notes to be split into separate ranges, with all other channel messages sent to both ranges. For example, rechannelize Notes above middle C on MIDI channel 1 to MIDI channel 2, with all other messages such as sustain, modulation, etc. sent to both channels.

The above range of values can be as small as one, or as large as the full range from 0 - 127. The selection can be applied to a selected MIDI channel or all MIDI channels.
Paranormal Patroler
Depends on what the problem is. seriously, i just don't get it I've been using Midisolutions Event Processor Plus which is quite amazing.

I actually have quite a range of MIDI boxes which I use with the TO's. You should definitely check Gotharman's Randomizer for velocity changes if you use the TO as a sequencer. Also, get some MIDI filters.
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