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"Choices" gets no power from LC9 case-others work
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Author "Choices" gets no power from LC9 case-others work
I have a Flight of Harmony choices which, no matter what cable I use or power point I plug into, does not function when connected to my Doepfer A-100-LC9 case.

To confuse matters, when I plug the Choices into my Pittsburgh Modular Double Cell 90 case, it works just fine.

Is there any reason why my Doepfer LC9 cannot power my Choices module? I thought all Eurorack power was the same juice. Why would it work in the Cell 90 but not the LC9?

Just to be clear, I am using the proper power cable, and the -12v is lined up correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really want my choices in the LC9 case, as I am probably going to sell the Cell 90 soon.
How far away from max power consumption (on the whole case) are you?
I'm not actually sure, but I guess it is probably a good idea to check into that.

I would have figured with like 14 power connections per bus board, so almost 50 total, that it could handle the 18 or so modules I have in there no problem. I really hope it's not because it doesn't have enough power for the modules, as the last row of the case is only half full. What's the point of a case that big if it doesn't have enough juice to power enough modules to fit it.

Anyway, can I calculate the power consumption on or something? Or do I have to just add it all up from the various module manuals?
Yeah check it on modulargrid, but make sure to count in the occasional module for which the power requirements are not listed on there...
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