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Up your phrasing skills!
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Author Up your phrasing skills!
What’s up everybody. I got an awesome video by Tom Hess discussing and playing some underutilized but highly valuable phrasing techniques at a Masterclass he gave earlier in the year:

Watch for the severe sustain and wicked vibrato.

Rockin' Banana!
I always meant to ask whether you were taking lessons from him in person or via internet. I've heard good things, but I don't know if 'Net Lernin' is fer me.
I'm taking internet correspondence lessons. The truth is I haven't had a teacher in person before but the biggest benefit to taking lessons online from Tom is cost and value.

The average cost of a lesson from Tom is $59 which in comparison to a teacher in person isn't much different. However with a real life teacher frequency is an issue.

For one thing with Tom's stuff the lesson material is always at your fingertips. Meaning you don't need to be face to face with someone in order to reference it. You get more material in one lesson than an average lesson will give you and since it's always available you don't have to waste valuable practice time reviewing like you might with a regular teacher. You can always review away from your guitar.

And one of the greatest perks is the forum. He gives you access to a private forum which has all kinds of great students of his from beginner to virtuoso level. This means you can get spot on advice around the clock. Everyone there is very cool and some are even professionals in the industry. Not to mention some very helpful videos that Tom has permanently posted there. Such as the Thumb muting and muting unwanted string noise during bends & vibrato.

I take one lesson per every 6 weeks but you can change the frequency to more at any time.

As you can tell I really can't say enough good things about it. What I recommend is you go to his site and milk all the freebies you can out of it and then decide. That's what I did. He has tons of cool, helpful articles as well as lots of free email minicourses.
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