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Jam origin midi guitar, holy shit!
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Author Jam origin midi guitar, holy shit!
So in my long term quest to control synths live with bass/guitar, I demoed this the other day.

Pretty amazing, low latency polyphonic guitar to midi. Playing polyphonic detuned synth chords with my battered old ibanez was a pretty woah moment.
There's some limitations (only works at standard guitar pitch), but I totally recommend checking it out if you're into that kind of thing.
Definitely need to check this out. I've heard good things about it.

Can you tell it to go to different midi channels based on where your playing?
so.. for $20 I could get this for my iPad and it should transmit on the MIDI out of my iO Dock allowing me to control any of my synths with my guitar?...... oh, and it starts out free. I am downloading this now.
I've only tried it on pc, not ios, please report back (I've heard the ios version has worse latency).
Will def download and demo this, thanks!

Recently bought this and hav had a lot of fun with it.
Tapping mode is awesome applause
It's the best guitar tracking solution I've ever played. Very minimal tweaking to your own playing and it generates clean midi out. I've tried dozens of solutions software and hardware this is the best on the market currently IMHO.
I played with JamOrigin for a bit and bought it as well. Pretty damn good. I was able to get the latency down to 2.5ms for the app (running in standalone) and 2.5ms for Ableton Live.

It actually does better than expected with polyphony. If I strum a chord relatively slowly it picks up all 6 notes. I'm curious to see how people are handling 16th note runs, I had a tiny bit of trouble with faster notes.

Still, better than I could have hoped and probably lower latency for the lower strings than some hardware solutions.

@Kunfuz curious to hear how the YRG-1000 is working for you. I saw it and it piqued my curiosity but I have too many things to play with at the moment....
Version 2 is staggering. The polyphonic detection works pretty flawlessly, even really fast, and the pitch bend is spot on. If you're playing a synth pad with it it's hard not to turn into Pink Floyd.
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