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interesting and original effects pedals
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Author interesting and original effects pedals
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
So what are some of the more interesting, original and downright obscure effect pedals out there?

Things like loopers, feedback pedals... inside-out-mammalamma-jing-jongs.... whatever...

we all know and love metasonix, but I need to learn about others!!!
i like the look of the fromel stuff, have a custom seraph deluxe on order at the moment.

the radial stuff also looks quite crazy.
any particular reason for it being pedals?

The ekdahl moisturizer is one of the more interesting units I've seen lately. One of those and a couple of delay pedals and I think I could spaz out happily for hours.
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
doesnt have to be a pedal at all. applause
I'm a big delay line, feedback and looping nut. I love the Korg Stage Echo, it's so cool. And actually, stuff like the now strangely discontinued Line6 DL4 delay is really awesome.

in fact, for some time now I've considered getting the wonderful M13 board just for doing such things... then I remembered my computers do these things too, and I like them.

So I'd say stuff that's "analogue" in one way or the other, preferably some electro-mechanical stuff going on like on the moisturizer is the stuff to look for. Think springs, weird mechanisms and such.

Folktek and Ciat Lonbarde spring to mind, as well.
oh, just remembered what I wanted to say;

a lot has happened in recent years with harmonizer pedals and pitch shifters. SO many great things in fact, you can do multi-voice harmony out of just a pedal now. Might be interesting to abuse this for other stuff than country singer-songwriter blandness.
cv slime 800
The Squarewave Teaspoon 'Cream and Sugar' deserves a mention on looks alone:
I haven't used one but I like what I've heard (I believe Muff Wiggler used one on a great track he posted on the forum?).
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