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Overloading spring reverbs?
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Author Overloading spring reverbs?
I'm talking about driving them so hard that the springs start rattling about. hmmm..... applause

I have a spring reverb module on its way to me (yay) and I really am looking for that overly saturated klangerous squiggle. Is that doable out of the box, or do I need to loosen springs and such?
i'm guessing it depends on the spring mechanism. hitting them always sounds good. wink

the manual for my zerotronics says to be careful sending too much level to them, and/or too much feedback (through the mixer sends), because you could damage the springs. but that might just be those particular springs (and the fact that they are '60 NOS pretty much unobtanium).
damaging the springs, eh? That suggests that the circuitry surrounding the tank will give it all it's got... that's kinda what I'm after.

mine is the cheapo Doepfer tank, I'll get accutronics ones if needed, too. Cool, then I think I can let it rip, really. sweet.

Okay, related question: The Vermona RetroVerb has a "Crash" button - do you know what that does? I'm assuming it just sends a big DC wave into the springs, but I'm not sure.
I don't think you can actually damage the springs with a signal........maybe the transducers
I am also a fan of the PASSIVE Zerotronics units.
You can change the sound of the reverb by hitting it HARD or soft, using feedback with your mixer sends. You can overload in the front end OR the back end (with gain). You can kick them! SlayerBadger! You can only damage them if you feedback them for loooooong amounts of time (creating chaos in any electronic system may lead to unpredictable results or damage thumbs up ) Don't worry about breaking it just try things. . .every spring reverb is different. w00t
I used to drive a reverb tank with a mic preamp hung off a mixer send before I got an actual spring reverb unit with drivers/makeup gain - didn't sound perfect but if you don't want to destroy your actual module you might set up something like that.

Spare tanks are about $30. If you can scavenge one from an old organ/amp those can sound pretty grimy...
I have two A-199's and they behave a little differently. One is so inclined to rattle that it verges on being a problem (but it's definitely not). The other is tamer. So I think you'll enjoy the Doepfer module.
Yeah i love my mini-le to !
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