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Complement my S1mk2 with 6U - advice?
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Author Complement my S1mk2 with 6U - advice?
I have been spending way too much time thinking about this and need some outside perspective. I recently picked up a used Cwejman S1mk2 locally. this has made me rethink my modular a LOT. For one it is expensive and I need to pay for it MY ASS IS BLEEDING and two it replaces a lot of the modules I have with a precise complex semi modular package. Oh and I love the sound.

Until now my modular has been fairly east coast subtractive focused with sequencing modules. I have had the recent opportunity to try out a QMMG and I really like the sound, my first LPG experience. I was using a Pro2000mk2 for MIDI, but will probably sell it since the S1mk2 has a great MIDI to CV included.

My plan is to sell off a bunch of modules and reorganize so that the S1mk2 is at the top of my modular, with about 4 rows of euro below. Idealy I want the Euro to focus more on west coast style (VC AD, LPG, Waveshaping) and complementary filters and sequencing.

I will be removing -
A106-5 SEM Filter,
A108 1/2/4/8 pole transistor ladder filter,
A110 Standard Oscillator,
A114 Dual Ring Mod,
A132-2 Quad VCA,
A134 VC Panner/Cross Fade,
A143-2 Quad ADSR,
A143-9 voltage controlled quadrature lfo,
A162 Dual Trigger Delay,
A171 VC Slew,
A152 Switch,
A186 OR,
A145 LFO,

I have already had AFGs and M15s and prefer the Z3000s combined with Wave shapers. I also have a couple A138d insert modules in a separate case for pedals and FX

I do ambient trance lately.

here is my proposed system, the QMMG, MATHS and Tame Machine I would buy. Everything else I have already. For mults I have a Ad Infinitum I would yous with the MIDI to CV outs on the S1mk2 rear leaving me with 2 4 way mults extra.

The lower two rows are in a table top case, the rest is in a slanted rack, so its all nicely in reach.

So am I crazy? Should I rearrange some of the modules I am intending to sell? Any S1mk2 owners care to share what they find complements it really well?
If I understand correctly, you want to complement your s1mk2 with 12U of east coast subtractive synthesis in euro rack. So it's a little confusing because to me insofar as I understand what is meant by East Coast, the s1mk2 covers mostly that. So to get more of that in the euro would not be what I would think of as a complement to the s1mk2. The other thing that is confusing to me is that your planned euro is not East Coast at all, is it? So maybe there is a typo in there or I read it wrong. You might consider selling all of the euro and just getting a second s1mk2?
sorry, that was a typo - West coast Euro complement to the S1mk2 is my goal.
no matter which coast, the S1 would benefit massively from some additional mixers, multiples and LFOs.
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