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Postmodular got MATHS!
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Author Postmodular got MATHS!
title says it all...

Mine has landed, was offered 2 but am taking just the one (for now)...

Snap them up UK peoples:
Mmm...I'm tempted.
Short of space though, will I still need a conventional ADSR? Currently using a MFB dual jobbie...
short on space? Get a new case instead. Problem solved :-D
Have just gone from 6u to 9u! Would need a new room to get any bigger hihi
Well, to answer your question then (sigh! hehe):

The Maths does work as an envelope. It's simplified in some respects, since it won't have the sustain stage, but I find that most people don't use that much.

having said that, JUST having one maths is a bit of a downer, since you'll be using it as LFO and such too, and in such situations that would mean no envelopes... at all.

in 9u there must be other things to sacrifice? smile
Blackened Justice
Hmm, what you said about the sustain stage can be avoided if instead of sending it a trigger you send it a gate. Then you get an ASD envelope.
The MFB dual envs are pretty awesome, especially for the small space they occupy, and how snappy they can get.
The Maths is a bit of a Serge taste. It has so many uses, you'll find yourself wanting to have more than one of them.
no, that's what would be a "Hold" stage on a normal envelope - it's 100%, and there's no decay down to a sustain stage.
by ditching my quad lfo i've got just enough room. got a hertz donut turning up to replace the mfb osc2 this week as well...luckily there is 1hp of space either side of the rails...woo hoo It's peanut butter jelly time!
mark_snipz's nice very very nice. It's going to be a late one tonight.

Completely filled my 9u now... applause
^ Enjoy MArk!

I should add that postmodular no longer has MATHS, though they will take orders on new ones...

Mark what's that MFB VCA like?
bumping this thread as I just bought mine - david has got 5 of these in stock at the moment!

I also noticed there's a couple of hertz donuts in stock as well.
I just got a mail from SB. Some Maths will arrive in Berlin this week applause
Thanks for the heads up, snagged one Dancing Star think i need to sell my 2 6U suitcases soon and get a monster case, just about out of room MY ASS IS BLEEDING
in related news he's also just got a bubblesound shipment in, however I've no idea if these were already sold out to those who pre-ordered.

I snagged a bubblesound sem20 filter (as I pre-ordered/booked mine) - so maybe there might be some available through the site. if that's not the case email him and he'll happily let you know when things are about to be available.

as for delivery/processing time - the bubblesound reached him around lunchtime and by mid-afternoon he already has shipped it of to me by special delivery, meaning I get a MATHS, harvestman polivoks filter and the bubblesound sem20 tomorrow morning we're not worthy
ah cool i preordered the uLFO a couple of weeks back from him, so hopefully thats on its way too. This is one module I've been really looking forward to above all others.
The Asterism
Just got mine very quickly from David at PM - an excellent person to deal with and I hope the business works out for them.

My only problem - and this has been an issue with other MakeNoise modules - is that their cables are too short for my Analogue Solutions case by a few centimetres.


I've currently got a very messy and ugly temporary solution worked out, but will have to come up with something better soon. unfortunately power cables are one of the things I really don't want to be messing with on my own.

I'm writing to Tony to ask if he can supply me with a longer cable

Still no shipping to europe seriously, i just don't get it
I got my Maths today from Schneiders! Guinness ftw!
mono-poly wrote:
Still no shipping to europe seriously, i just don't get it
I believe someone already bought and took delivery in Paris? hmmm..... Perhaps just give the brotha a call?
l e b e r
have to add that David at PostModular is doing a great job running his service. all modules i've bought from there have been very quickly delivered (next day service)...and he seems happy to reply to emails.... and he manages to keep the prices reasonable too, which i find is rare for a UK-based business.

(i've no affiliations with postmodular...just a happy customer).

christmas hugs all round. w00t
Just wanted to add my +1 on the comments about David - awesome (and speedy) service - overall a pleasure to talk to and do business with. I'd strongly suggest that UK based wigglers give him a shout the next time you're looking to get your modular fix - even if it's for a module that he's not got listed yet (it never hurts to talk).

btw - I also do not have any affiliation with postmodular, but am a very happy shopper.
More positive feedback on Postmodular - David has been a pleasure to do business with. Quick and happy to respond to emails, fast and efficient delivery, great packaging, and above all, great prices.

Oh, and on an new friend MATHS is we're not worthy MY ASS IS BLEEDING MY ASS IS BLEEDING applause
same here,
great friendly service from david, really fast, well packaged, no messing about. applause

steevio and suzybee (mindtours records)
Excellent. It's great to hear good things. Gonna order my Borg in the new year nanners
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