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BC182L and BC212L replacement
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Author BC182L and BC212L replacement

both transistors are discontinued.
BC182L: It seems it could be replaced by 2SC945. Is this one OK? GROUPID=2900&ARTICLE=26827&SEARCH=SC%20945&SHOW=1&START=0&OFFSET=500&

BC212L: is the 2SA 733 OK as replacement? GROUPID=2898&ARTICLE=15683&SHOW=1&START=0&OFFSET=500&

The original parts in the TB303 were 2SC536F or 2SC945 (for the BC182L) and 2SA733P (for the BC212L). So you should be pretty safe with those parts from Banzai.

Rapid in the UK sell both the BC212L and BC182L at the moment.

I am now running into the same problem with building my TM3030 but I'm here in the United States where these parts have completely disappeared from the market.

The only place I've found these particular transistors here was an ebay seller who wants $10 a piece and I'm not sure I want to have a quarter of my project cost go to people scalping on components that should cost me less than a dollar.

After a lot of searching I've learned that having the collector as the center pin is extremely unpopular here and finding TO-92 components that match has proven to be a difficult task.

The closest pair I've found after a couple of days digging through spec sheets are the KSA1015 [BC212L] and KSC1815 [BC182L].

Most values are close enough as far as I can tell, the exception being the current gain bandwidth. Both parts have a minimum of 80Mhz compared to the the 200Mhz and 150Mhz minimum of the BC chips. Unfortunately this is my first adventure into analog electronics at this level of complexity and I haven't yet gained enough understanding to know if this discrepancy is acceptable.

I have found other components that more exactly match the specifications of the original components, but the pin placement does not match and I'd like to keep crossing legs on components as an absolute last resort.

If anyone has any advice/further explanation as to what values I should be more closely attempting to match in this case I'd love to hear it.


Futurelec have the BC182L and BC212L. They are an Asian company but have offices in the US and elsewhere.

But those OnSemi parts you have found look like they should work too.


I hadn't heard of them before, looks like they'll be handy for some other projects I have too.

Thanks for your help

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