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Where to buy Pomona (or equivalent) Banana Cables in the UK?
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Author Where to buy Pomona (or equivalent) Banana Cables in the UK?
Reality Checkpoint
The title says it all. Some days my internet search skills home right in on the target.

Today I find my search skills totally inadequate!

All help gratefully received. sad banana
take a look at this one m-Connectors/4mm-Stackable-test-leads/63914

they're not pomona but I guess they're equivalent
I'd recommend Rapid -- Tru-connect are their own-brand, but I've been very happy with them (never actually used Pomona) - these ones are well priced and reliable - not quite the same range of colours as pomona, but for the price it is good! (note - Rapid £30 order gets you free next day delivery)

You can get Pomona via Farnell/Newark in the UK but the stock is all held in the US so you have something like a £10 surcharge per order (if sub £100)

Mouser may also be an option but again they're US based.

Go with Rapid!
Reality Checkpoint
Thanks for your help guys, it is much appreciated. Have ordered some from Rapid. Will report back with findings.
Reality Checkpoint
Rapid by name, rapid by nature. Next day free delivery, and a damn fine product for the price. Thanks for the lead guys. It's peanut butter jelly time!
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