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Author Multiples!
As I'm putting together my first system, I've started wondering what to do about multiples:

1) Grab a couple of a-180s and sticking them in the case? Easiest option, but not HP efficient. How many would I need for 9U anyway?

2) Stick some a-180s in a small external case (like that IKEA picture frame)?

3) Grab one of those Ad Infinitum racks? But it has an open back, so I would need so kind of enclosure for that.

4) Grab a couple of BAMs and put them in the case instead? How many of those?

5) Something else entirely?

seriously, i just don't get it
1) If you're going to fret over 4HP you might as well get another case straight away. I get by with a single mult for 12U, but could do with another.

2) Sure. See 1)

3) That's a good use of an extra 1U in your rack - no need for enclosure though.

4) What makes that different from 1)?

5) Yes, diy. Drill a ton of holes in a cigar box, put in minijacks and wire everything up together.
I think the Tiptop banana style cables are going to be a great alternative.

4) I think the .bam's are more important for note cv's to a bunch of oscillators , attenuation loss for other modulation cv's like lfo's don't seem to be too much of a problem. I'm currently splitting a note cv signal through a non buffered normal multiple to two oscillators and I'm not really having tracking problems but its been suggested to use a buffered multiple when controlling multiple oscillators.
If you have one of the Doepfer portable cases, some people have cut holes in the wood strips at the top and bottom to mount multiples in.
the new modular world road cases come with 6x4 multiple on bottom
1) you're sticking them in the case... which case?

when its a diy, i would add an aluminum strip over the whole width. ( like on the MW)
One M31 is about right for 9U.
I have a few multiples in my rig. I started with the simple Doepfer A-180 which I modified to normal the 2 4-way mults to be a 7way if the 5th jack isn't used) but no have bought a couple of A-182 which I find are much nicer to use in a live or experimenting environment. The switched busses adds allot of flexibility at the expense of just 2HP.
Thanks for all the responses! I'm planning on a Monorocket Mission 9, so that limits my options. I'm not terribly worried about HP, I've just gotten the impression from a number of posts here that it's a waste of space to use up HP for passive modules.

My comment regarding an enclosure for #3 is because I want things to be (relatively) portable, and I wouldn't want to have to lug a rack around *just* for the multiples. In the studio it'd be fine though.

As for the BAMS, they're interesting not only because they're buffered, but because they also acts as attenuators/amplifiers. Considering I'm planning on having quite a few oscillators, I think having at least one of them would be essential; combined with the tiptop cables I think my needs would be covered.

The model 31 looks great, but I'm going to steer clear of plan b for the moment....
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