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Is my dalek modulator flooky?!?!
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Author Is my dalek modulator flooky?!?!
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
I just got one, and I love the thing so far but I am kind of wondering if some things are considered normal.

1) dedicated sine wave out gets "crackly" at higher frequencies, VERY noisy at the highest frequency. Same for both channels.

2) with nothing attached to the CV ins, im just listening to the dedicated sine/sqr outs... moving the cv attenuation knob effects the pitch.

3) From my understanding, when you patch in an external oscilator, tat channel will be cut out. This isnt happening. With an external oscillator patched in, adjusting the frequency knob effects pitch. If I patch in 2 oscillators, then the knobs have no effect. I'm guessing there is some bleed through? hmmm.....

4) Im not noticing any difference between ac and dc coupling when different waves are patched in, audio rate or low frequency rate.

is all of this normal?
1) Doesn't seem to be happening with mine seriously, i just don't get it

2) If nothing is attached to the CV ins then the knobs act to control the amount of cross modulation between the two oscillators, so this behavior is normal.

3) What's probably happening here is that you're still cross modulating the other oscillator, which is normalled into other half of the ring mod, with the frequency of the first oscillator which still remains active with an external input patched in, this will affect the output waveform in the manner you described.

4) Is normal.
high freuqency crackle? I never noticed this before. Is this when listening directly to the output? (i.e. not connected to a mixer or vca).

If it is connected to a mixer or vca, maybe you are hearing some kind of bleed?
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
I'm an ass!!!!! lol

its working perfectly, I was running it before a malgorithm, and even though everything on the malgorithm was "turned off", there is still some high frequency noise there, since its doing some ad -> da.

skipped the malgortithm and the noise is of course gone...
woot! d'oh! d'oh! d'oh! d'oh!
haha. Awesome! Guinness ftw!
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