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Malekko Boogie Issue?
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Author Malekko Boogie Issue?
With no cv going into a Boogie module (either input), the frequency pot all the way to the right and resonance all the way down; should the the frequency cutoff be as high as possible?

I noticed yesterday that I needed to send a voltage to the module to get it to open all the way. Is this correct? I don't remember the the filter affecting the signal when the module, for lack of better term, "bypassed".

It was noticeable with both my ears and my eyes. It seemed like the first half of the frequency knob had no effect on any signal. Did my module go out of calibration?

I was going to mess with the trim pot on the pcb but there's a message on the board threatening bodily harm to anyone that dares touch it.

In my experience some filters need a bit of resonance to "level out" at the high settings, otherwise they roll off from below the cutoff position, if that makes sense. What is it like with res at 30%? or 20%?
It helps the high end a bit, but, when adding an external voltage the indicating LED gets brighter, a good bit too. I'm just wondering if someone with a boogie can confirm there's is acting similar.
The first half of the Boogie frequency pot will seem to have no effect on audio signals because it's a 20 octave filter that goes (almost? all the way?) to DC. You can use the Boogie in the left hand side of the freq pot curve to filter CV signals smile And since it's got a built in 50/50 mixer on the two inputs, you can mix two CV signals, filter them down, and then modulate that mixed CV with the Boogie's CV input. It won't do fast FM, but it will wobble all day long.

From noon to full CW, the Boogie *should* open up all the way to 20kHz for audio. I have to defer to Malekko on whether yours needs calibration.
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