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dotNET n00b questions!
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Author dotNET n00b questions!
Hi everyone!

I am currently a Euro only fella but I have been thinking of starting to build in 4U to accommodate some of the NLC, CGS, and J3RK projects, among others, which are much easier to do in larger formats.

I have a couple questions:

1. I have an aversion to maintaining more than one type of cable, and since my main system is Euro, I was wondering if these would work as a 3.5mm jack which would be close enough to the Emerson banana dimensions to use in existing dotNET panels?

2. I think I know this is true, but dotNET panels would be able to be racked with Serge-type panels like the Fritz 4U panels which are being done by applianicide, right?

3. What is a good place to order PCBs on a smallish scale as would be appropriate for panels? I would definitely be designing panels and I'd want to do it in a way that I could make affordable panels available to others, too! Any tips on free software that could be used to design such panels? I have the freeware Eagle but the dimension restrictions are pretty small.

Thanks! It's motherfucking bacon yo
1. I remember asking Hex if it were possible to use mini-jacks on his 4U panels and I believe he said the diameters are too large for common jacks. I'd go with the larger stereo jacks from Synthcube. They should fit just fine, they're cheaper than the ones you linked, and they'd look pretty snazzy on a black panel too.

2. Not sure

3. Hex inverter and CGS both have great shipping rates for small orders.
There's also Bridechamber and Elby Designs for Ian Fritz.
I would say that in terms of shipping cost to the US:
CGS < Hex Inverter < Bride Chamber < Elby Design

I think a lot of people use Inkscape for designing panels. It's free and open source. I prefer to use Adobe illustrator and it can also be free if you are a resourceful person.
*cough* Piratebay *cough* *ahem*
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@oldenjon thanks for the reply! The idea for the nicer jacks would be a good solution and would be easier to wire than the ones I had looked at. Still plenty classy, too smile

Regarding my third question - good insight and helpful tips, but I should have been more clear as to what exactly I meant. I was referring to custom PCB orders for designing the PCB material front panels like @hexinverter does for the "official" DotNET panels, not circuit PCBs.
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