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Autechre - Quarstice
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Author Autechre - Quarstice
Well it didn't blow my socks off to begin with, but jeeze it's really been growing on me!

Some outstanding sounds/moments in there (as usual!).

Who likes it? SlayerBadger!

Who doesn't? confused
Damn they have a new one(again), I love them but have trouble keeping up with them.

I'll check this out! Trampoline
The PLC is one of their best tracks ever IMO. You guys seen the new thing?
I stumbled across this thread by complete accident while listening to quaristice for the second time. First time was a drag but now it`s kicking my ass SlayerBadger!
i've only listened a handful of times. there's one track on there that way bums me out but i dig the rest.
you guys should look for the "Quaristice Versions" limited release. i don't know if it is on bleep.. it was pre order only, limited to 1000, before the album came out and has different (longer) versions of a lot of the tracks that are way more 'fleshed out' and to me it sounds like a more complete record and has some really amazing moments/sounds etc... i play the shit out of it still.

i dig the new one too. after i listened on headphones it sounded different.. lot's buried in the reverb
Sweet, listening now.
Funny this comes up. Autechre hasn't been on my radar in some time. Kinda like Mouse on Mars, where they just seemed to have lost something. But Altibzz on Quaristice popped up randomly on the iPod yesterday and I must have listened to it five times. Beautiful. Do you know if they're using instruments on this or is it all Max algorithms?

I've not heard anything good about the new album though. Until ignatius just now ^^^ anyway.
MrBiggs wrote:
Do you know if they're using instruments on this or is it all Max algorithms?

the last 3 albums have been mostly hardware (though not really sure on oversteps).. untilted, quaristice, oversteps

their tours have been pretty much all hardware as well.

Aside from Confield i think it's all mostly been hardware + editing/DSP etc.. though they use the shit out of Max/MSP for sequencing in the past..

who knows where things come in and go out when it comes to their music.. i tend not to think about it and just listen Guinness ftw!
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