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How do you like that Tampa?
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Author How do you like that Tampa?
I have been toying with the idea off and on about checking
one out if i got a decent price on one,
but it seems rather strange that there isnt makeup gain on the compressor question

Ive also thought about maybe an ART VLA pro and changing the tubes in it.

The Tampa definitly does look like fun thing to run into the SPDIF,
They pop up on ebay for 250 from time to time.

So many things to get,fun food for thought.
Muff Wiggler
I bought mine used for $200 even, which I consider an absolute steal

i agree that makeup gain would be nice, but i can get around it - there's a few different ways to stage the gain on the thing, and i mostly use the comp to keep it from overloading

it's actually a pretty nice comp though!

but a really nice preamp - i don't know how i feel about the saturation emulation thingy, i don't push it that hard, but it's really really quiet and clean and smooth

plus i have some wierd mics including a ribbon that have different inpedances, and I can get a much better variety of sounds thanks to the input impedance selector

very, very very happy with it for $200, at $250 i'd feel the same

at $300 i'd look really hard at other stuff though

hope this helps!

very, very very happy with it for $200, at $250 i'd feel the same

Agreed, looks like a great second hand purchase piece.
for micing an amp i think it would be a good piece to play with.
Muff Wiggler
lol, i said 'inpedances'

kinda freudian slip, in a way lol
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