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help wanted
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Author help wanted
if you would give your suggestions to my system please?
some things I guess, could be done better.
If you give me you opinion, please!

basically I use it with an instrument in the front and a whole battery of
footpedals (incl. distortion, fuzz, ADSR, Delay, Octaver, Pitch shifter, etc..)
I usually mix synth sound and effected instrument signal together.

in production: 2x TubeVCA´s/TimbralGate (KenStone)
thinking of:
selling >> RS40 / buying instead: TameMachine + A148 Dual S&H
selling >> RS30 / buying QMMG
selling >> Z3000? ...uLFO?
further >>
BBD (256),
A-133 Polarizer (...math?)
A.Sol mx224,
A-177-2 (Footcontrl),
A-134-2 (for stereo...),
uStep sequencer ?

thank you, k
no helping hands anybody? waah
why do you need two frequency to voltage converters and only one envelope gen?
good point thanks!
I have one second adsr in form of a stompbox- but actually
I already came to the same point looking over my shoulder
how often I use the rs-30... (it was within my first purchase oops )

btw. I gonna sell this module-
you also don't have any dedicated LFO's either you might want to invest in one or two for your rig. I get that it's supposed to be mostly for processing effects and audio and that's awesome btw but with so many modules you're going to want lots of modulation options as well get some of those knobs turning on their own it will really help your sound and make the process more fun.

maybe when you ditch the RS30 you could pick up a couple of LFOs an MFB Dual LFO and a Plan B elf LFO would give you three in the same space and really that's about all you need really.
Ah- I get the point I guess.
three LFO´s to have sounds pretty cool- would be 2 enough?
what about one dalek with the reset break out mod?
... it would be about the same in price.

... also,
would you sell the z3000 if you were me? on the other hand I think
that both VCO´s are a great choice and I shoul keep the 3000 for just
other timbres hmmm.....
What is that MFOS DIY module?

If I were you I would sell that A.Sys-110 filter and get a A.Sys-360 instead.
It is only 6HP extra, yet has 3 filters for neat formant shaping of your sound source.
I guess I never seen that one, hehe- good idea, cheers.
allthough, the rs110 never made me unhappy:
it´s more the doepfer filter which stinks to me a little.
I more thought of changing that into a A-106-6 XP Filter--
what do you think?
[quote="Cat-A-Tonic"]What is that MFOS DIY module?

It´s that Dual-VCA
I squeezed it into 6TE, using a stacked pot hihi
You may not need that oakley ringmod since you have one in the macbeth?
I know
waah d'oh! waah
I purchased that ultra-rad RM not long before the
DualOsc came out--
and then I couldn´t resist Mr. Green
... the Macbeth I never-ever give away!
(just that what I said about the Oakley RM):

I wouldn´t sell the RM only while turning a bit sad, but all else is stupid-
I would trade it!!
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