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A little help with planning my system?
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Author A little help with planning my system?
Hi, I have a fairly basic modular system right now with ale the things like VCOs, LFO, ADSR, S&H, VCAs, mixer, multiples, filter etc.

Reading other posts on this forum led me to a conclusion that everyone here loves make noise stuff , especially QMMG and MATHS so I figured this might be an option. I have a few concerns:
1. How suitable are this modules for making musical sounds? I'm asking that because most of the demos I've seen are Random bleeps, pulses or sheer noise that I'm not really into. now I"m not saying that I'm after a typical moogy sound either, more like nice organic sounds perhaps dynamically changing over time and sounding more rich than what most normal synths do.
2. wouldn't it be better to go for doepfer's modules like matrix mixer, A-143 Quad/complex ADSRs, A-149 RNDM voltages, VC-LFos and so on? It seems more flexible (more inputs, outputs, knobs etc) and the boring layout makes it easier to understand.
3. How important do you think sequencing is in a modular? I now have just a basic Midi-cv interface, and I'm thinking about a modular sequencer for controlling other modules independently from the midi notes I feed into it.

thanks for any advice!
1)make noise can be very musical , the qmmg gives you plenty of standard options , and the maths can do very standard musical modulations.The wogglebug is considered unmusical but I find it very useful for modulating everything , I think peoples opinions of it being nonmusical and many of the samples you hear are mainly using it as a audio source.

2)Doepfer is usually the cheapest option and many of their utility modules are very important I don't think anyone is saying not to take advantage of that , but by only buying doepfer your missing out on a lot of the cool stuff the other manufacturers are offering.

3)I think sequencing is important , not just for sequencing notes , I think using a sequencer for modulating things is very cool ex. filter frequencies , LFO rates ect.
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