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Essential Sequantizer helpers
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Author Essential Sequantizer helpers
Well maybe not essential but I keep patching this up:

I tune the Sequantizer to some scale, either using the quantized output or sending the 10V output to an MFOS quantizer (fourths mode is fun).

Instead of clocking the Sequantizer directly, for a max 8 step sequence, I make use of the stage select input and drive that with the output of a Metalbox Sequential Switch. This is handy because I can mess with the voltages on the SeqSw without disturbing the tuning of the Sequantizer; whatever stage I select with the SS, I get one of the 8 pitches I set up beforehand.

The SS has both Inhibit and Direction inputs, and I consider them mandatory. My go to is a-- wait for it-- Blacet Binary Zone, but you can use anything, another Sequantizer clocked at a different rate, a CGS gate sequencer, Klee gate bus output, Square up some Wogglebug output with a Gated or Window Comparator, whatever.

If you use a Binary Zone, though, clocked with the same 16th note clock you are using for the Seq Switch, then you can make repeating 64 note patterns; 4 bars of 16th notes, with rests and turnarounds etc.

It is groovy.
Me and the Sequantizer have drifted apart recently... we used to do everything together ... coffee, walks in the park, long telephone conversations, and now it's like we've run out of things to say and all the passion is muted. Maybe the best things can never last.

That aside, I hope to rekindle this relationship. The key is stage select.
Thought I might add something actually useful to the dialogue.

The other key to the Sequantizer other than stage select, is the fact that it just does one pitch at a time! I actively avoid pitch input devices that do not allow individual access to pot values, as I am extremely interested to find hidden timbral links... linking pitch variation to other variations.

My friends of the module are ones from Hinton. The SwitchMix epitomises the philosophy of making and exploring links. The ModMix is very good for combining the output values of 2 stages, where the sum and difference outputs are both very useful in patching, with the difference value in particular being perceived as a unique independent value. hooray!
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