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Author Matrix
Had a look again last night.

Current thinking is 5 x 5.

Balanced in with gain control, switch for invert/mute, peak LED.
5x5 matrix
Channel summing with gain control, mute switch, peak LED and impedance balanced output.

I wonder how much demand there'd be for a nice quality audio matrix? Guessing it'd be relatively niche, but as there's nothing much out there...
Would love an audio matrix! Especially a nice quality, fairly compact one. (I think the mixer section on the SV is really handy, not only for the internal sounds.)

EDIT: Oops, accidentally wrote a bunch of stuff about the synthvoice. Wrong topic.
I'd definitely jump at one of these. I've been using mult boxes and some old boss 4->1 mixer boxes but usually too much of a headache.
Tom, you know I'm a matrix addict, so I'd definitely get one. It would be a great hub for a system based on your red line of processors, but please make sure it can accept modular level inputs, too, if you decide to actually make it!

Even better if you made it bigger, like 8x8, but that would probably require a different frame format, with lots of complications.

I`d pick up one for sure.
Yes, any matrix idea currently is for 1/4" AC-coupled work - with variable preamp (of course able to take +/-5V input). Red boxes or any other line level studio gear - absolutely.

I guess I could consider a matrix in a future Modular Frame, DC coupled, invertable etc, but let's leave that for now.

Even this one would require a new frame design - but just a stretch of the existing ones - 6FW, rather than the current 3 or 5FW.
I did try to fit something in 5FW, but felt the need for features and avoiding excessive cramp.
I have certainly considered other size custom enclosures, but don't really want to scratch that itch just yet.
even when I had to sell 2/3's of the bug I still kept the 4 bug matrix mixers (grouped in pairs) as a lot of the time I don't really repatch anymore, just change matrix settings. Having that for integrating with the red devices would as Palle said be great
a thousand times yes
I'm getting ready to DIY a passive option but ultimately I know I'll want something like what you are talking about
SlayerBadger! of much interest, would love to replace my current matrix mixing solution with this.
If the price is not too high (I know it's very subjective), I'd be very interested. Oh, and... please don't red. Keep blue for this one. :-)
Its a yes from me twisted
lots and lots of vca's I bet isn't super cheap
I would pay a pretty penny happily to wiggle into the buggy bug world

the only thing I don't quite understand is the inverted bit
having never really had the capability to invert audio signals what is the usefulness of this?

also as big fan of ciat-lonbarde my gear is all based around 0-10v would the 5-10v just get clipped in your current design?

or would the preamp be able to dial it back to acceptable levels?
Rockin' Banana! so very excited
Yeah, it isn't VCAs - that'd be something much more complex.
Just multiple repetitions of nice quality low noise analogue circuitry.

I'm not entirely sure on the Inverting - I've always thought it necessary in such designs (all my designs are phase consistent, but you never know with all other gear). It is a relatively simple addition which I feel could be missed otherwise - and there's always the possibility of it being used for interesting stuff. Saying that, I never really used the inverting option on the COFilter.

Regarding 0-10V - the inputs will be AC coupled, so remains at the standard 10V PtoP amplitude. I tend to design around that as internal desired level so you'd just set the preamps to 0dB (maybe I'll actually get around to marking such things on the panels..).

I'd imagine it would be red - it is a line device, so that would fit with my sorts of standard approaches.
Inverting can also do a huge difference when working with feedback in creative ways SlayerBadger!
Gringo Starr
otoskope wrote:
Inverting can also do a huge difference when working with feedback in creative ways SlayerBadger!

Introverting makes the hugest difference with creative ways though. wink
Try both at the same time! Nothing beats that. wink
Well, managed to squeeze a test design & layout out... Pretty intense!
Will order some test boards shortly.
oooooooh yes this is exciting saving up some scrumples Miley Cyrus
Usual proviso of don't hold your breath just yet!

Though have now ordered test board & panel.
i''d love one of these mixers thumbs up
Really looking forward !
Yes please!


One of the nice things about the Auxpander is each output has it's own full scale input so 2 or more can be chained together. With all the connections on a panel one input for each output might not be too feasible but even 1 or 2 would open up a lot of possibilities. The problem with matrix mixers is you quickly run out of inputs when you start wanting aux returns.
definitely interested in this. looks great.
Worth noting that the (very pixelated) pic on the 1st post is out of date (2013!) - the layout has changed quite a bit, most importantly it is now a 5x5 matrix.

Yes, I thought a lot about numbers of channels - 5x5 is probably only suitable for relatively small setups (as Soup says, returns quickly eat up inputs). Maybe down the line I would do a bigger design such as 10ins, 6 outs - but as mentioned, it'd require some extra design needs like custom case, so not suitable for me for now. Start small!
would this be in the DRM & expander size case?
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