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Pots vs Sliders
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Author Pots vs Sliders
jack multiple
I am planning to use a slider or 2 on a module ... just for fun and a change.
could someone talk me thru the connections and how they would correspond to the pots we normally use . (signal/wiper/ground)

the slider has 4 lugs.. 2 at top 2 at bottom.. numbered 3/2 and 2/1.
I would guess 1 is equivalent to full CCW, 2 is wiper and 3 is full CW, but the best only way to be sure would be to get the multimeter out.
jack multiple
yh thx. did that. found the signal in and out no prob. no idea what to do with ground.
Paradigm X

i hate sliders for filters, but great for adsrs imo...
jack multiple
yh adsr s are nice with sliders.
kind of reminds me of playing on an sh101 when I was young. stuck with me as the norm.
Mixer modules a poss too if there's enough room.

Also going to do one of ray wilsons sequencers with sliders.

going to need a bigger house too.
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