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ADDAC Showcase at SEMIBREVE Festival
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Author ADDAC Showcase at SEMIBREVE Festival
ADDAC System
We're happy to announce that we'll be showcasing at SEMIBREVE Festival happening this weekend in Braga, Portugal.
If you are anywere near, drop by.

More about the festival here:
Fascintating i love a good ol instalation

Have a great time hope to catch it one year

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Paranormal Patroler
There's an upcoming festival in Athens, Greece (February March). The curators asked for a modular day, with a IDOW projection, a few classes and possible showcases. Care to join?
Oh man i love Athens...
ADDAC System
Here is the showcase frame showed at SEMIBREVE Festival.

Paranormal Patroler
The setup of my dreams love
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