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genoQs Nemo
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Author genoQs Nemo
Even after only a few hours with it last night, I can already say it's the coolest sequencer I've ever owned. If it output CV instead of MIDI, and had CV in capability as well, I'd be getting rid of all my other sequencers, including my 250e.

...but now I really "need" an Octopus hyper d'oh!
Yes the Nemo is amazing... still getting to know mine - used it live last week for the first time, went pretty well - it was controlling 6U of modules and a Rozzbox synth, Ableton was doing the rest.

I think the Octopus would be great if I had loads of cash and a massive studio space, but atm I have neither!!
The Octopus is so much better than the Nemo. That's not to say that the Nemo isn't great - but I was spoiled by the Octopus, and I just couldn't come to grips with the Nemo accordingly.

I hadn't thought of the fact that there was no display on the Nemo where you can view all of the particular parameters values for that track - it's displayed so easily and nicely on the Octopus, but it just isn't there on the Nemo. That's the biggest thing that I couldn't live with - as far as I can tell, no one mentions that anywhere - it's not in the comparison charts on the Genoqs site, or mentioned on any of the threads there. I suppose that it should have occurred to me, but it didn't. It's one thing to deal with only 4 tracks of top to bottom modulation (which I was prepared for) but seeing all of the values in a graphic really adds to the experience....

If I had started with the Nemo, I think that I would have been quite satisfied with it. But having used the Octopus, the Nemo seemed to have all of these just didn't click with me.
has anybody here who owns an octopus ever owned a Notron? I have the old grey faced toilet seat model and am curious about any similarities ??
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