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stacked cases, how do you keep them from being wobbly?
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Author stacked cases, how do you keep them from being wobbly?
I've got a diy sequener which is 1U and now my 9U monorocket case, it's a little wobbly, I'm wondering what ideas people have come up with to brace the back of cases to keep them solid. I realize putting it against the wall is ideal but my studio desk is in the middle of the room so I can walk around the back of it... might need to change that if I can't find a good solution.
here is Los Angeles we have to worry about Earthquakes on a more-frequent-than-i'd-like basis.

i have a doepfer moster case sitting on a base case. its not the same set up but my fix might still apply:

to quake-proof it i bought a ratchet-strap from the hardware store and strapped them together. the larger footprint of the base case keeps the monster from tipping over even with a strong knock from a person.

thats exactly the kind of thing I was looking for!!!!

I kept thinking of screwing stuff to the desk and what not, which is such a terrible idea I didn't even consider it. I like this idea!

I have used long 2 bungee cords for the same thing.
wrapped twice around 3 portable boxes and it kept them pretty snug.
I had them balanced precariously on a stand for live use and had a few heart attack moments where they nearly toppled.
I also built this thing to house my 3 portable cases at home and for live use:

sorry for the bunk pic.. it's a cruddy screen cap from a tiny video clip..

but it was about $25 for some pine and walnut stain. keeps them at a decent angle so there is no risk of toppling forward and out of the case.
Ok, i am really glad this thread is here.

I am expecting my monorocket case to be ready very soon and i was wondering what kind of stand solution would be ideal to keep it from being wobbly. (for live use)
Ratchet strap is a great idea. applause
Very helpful suggestion there. Am about to get my 2nd 6u case and was trying to come up with a solution- I'll take the strap please! (only cause I'm too damn lazy to build something like Popski's got there which imo does look the shit)
for my low cost doepfer case I actually used adhesive velcro smile it worked pretty damn good actually. When you pushed cables in you could sometimes notice that it tipped the slightest bit but I could have given it a solid push and it wouldn't have toppled.

the monorocket is just too nice to velcro though
I know it's big 5U cases and it's up against the wall and usuless for live, but for what it's worth I'm starting to put some eye hooks in the wall and using some snap hooks (or what ever they are called ) to attach to the handles. We don't get as many earthquakes in Washington as Califirnia, but we do get them!

I use Duck anti slip matting. m

Stops movement between kit very well.
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