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Counting down...
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Author Counting down...
After a couple of days of financial stupidity Im getting close to pulling it off, I'm there (pending AH restocking) but for 5 modules...

Doepfer A160/161 combo, MFB Dual ADSR, Dual LFO and Drum 99 Mixer

This is what I will be doing next April... until then I will be staring at this picture longingly, reading and re-reading instruction manuals and rearranging/organising the next bout of purchases in rackplanner.

Getting pretty itchy here MY ASS IS BLEEDING love SlayerBadger!
hyper hyper hyper
Someone a little hyper?.... me too...
I have been floaty feeling and un-bothered by things ever since my first modules and rack came!
Its better than prozac!
I don't know how you can wait so long to play with your stuff! I have rush shipped a few things because i have the patience of a squirrel. lol

Your set up looks quite good.
thumbs up
Why the mfb drum mixer?

I don't know how but i have a bit over 9u now...i think..just got my MW case today before i had to go to work...poor me..i have to wait 9 hrs to touch it again lol
sorry man.
I would be swimming from whatever tropical island your on to england and start tweaking.... Rockin' Banana!
tIB wrote:
After a couple of days of financial stupidity ...

That does seem to be a prerequisite to taking the plunge, doesn't it? Sooo worth it! SlayerBadger!
I cry when i look at how much i spent last month and still going very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating d'oh! MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Here is my set up...
I am getting delivered the maths and 143-1 in the next few days.
All the stuff in the bottom two U isn't in its home yet but will be tonight or tomorrow morning applause
Top rack is Asys r15, bottom is new MW!
@ suboptimal: I mentioned somewhere else yesterday that this is the perfect addiction to replace smoking... addiction replacement is great!

@ loudone: Id swim down the choa praya but its filthy!

The mfb drum mixer is there as cunningly Im taking the word drum out of the equation... cheap and apparently decent 5 channel mixer with stereo panning... yes please! thumbs up
Thats looking like a great setup there loudone... its certainly growing quickly! Nice collection of envs/mod sources there too MY ASS IS BLEEDING

Hows that plague bearer?
tIB wrote:

Hows that plague bearer?

Ugggh, still in its box! evrything in bottom 2 rows except for the vulcan is unrtyed by me yet as i had no extra space till fed ex arrived today with my modularworld case. So i have to wait till after work.....or in the am...i will let you know tommorrow!
nice idea with the mixer tooo thumbs up
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