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A little Gothenburg show this Saturday (23Nov/GEIGER)
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Author A little Gothenburg show this Saturday (23Nov/GEIGER)
BugBrandå ng-tom-bugs-ukmajorna-och-henrik-rylander-gbg

..& I do mean LITTLE - there are only 20 seats (+30 standing)

I just got asked to play - very excited that I'll be supporting Henrik Rylander.
I don't have much equipment with me really.. But I do have some bits'n'pieces of new developments etc so will do a couple of quite free-form exploratory 'tracks' - one with Matrix Mixer and one with the new DRM1 units.

TID: lördag 23/11 kl kl 19.30. Första konserten börjar kl 20. Inget insläpp när konserten börjat.

PLATS: ELEMENT Studio, BrewHouse, Åvägen 24, Göteborg.

BILJETTER: 50 kr. Endast 20 platser. Föranmälan är obligatorisk. Anmäl dig till Du får därefter bekräftelse och betalar entréavgiften i dörren. BAR: Vin, fin/ful öl. snacks m m.

Du är välkommen.
Cool, Tom!
Won't make it this time around, but I know it will be exciting!! (In secrecy, I'm hoping for a recording and pics later on) Dead Banana
I've always enjoyed Mr Rylander's output too.
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