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FYI for Plan B Euro users
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Author FYI for Plan B Euro users
Noisebug has modules built and ready to ship, you just have to contact them. They're shipping me a Model 25 Audio Processor. Just email and ask if they have any modules that you're interested in already completed.
... And I guess they'll be all out of stock by the time I get paid again lol

Thanks for the tip!
Yeah, I'm not sure if this is information that should be spread freely, but it does say on their site "If you have any questions on Plan B products or desire modules sooner than that, drop us an email HERE." I didn't ask them about quantity, I was just happy enough to know they had the M25 because I haven't seen that in stock at AH all year.
the benefit of having the manufacturer upstairs i suppose smile
i'm waiting for some of the new modules to come out - i think it's june for the elf series and who knows when for the others. what i really want at the moment is the miniwave conversion kit that is planned. now the news has been plastered on matrixsynth i think i'll have to be quick when they are up for sale!

I'm not really interested in any of the other new modules aside from the ELFs, so I feel like I may actually be at an advantage for once when it comes to getting stuff from them. It'll be interesting to see what happens once their store goes online (Chuck said he hopes to have the secure web store up by the end of the month)--I wonder if they can keep modules in stock.
I am giving Moog Audio another shot... It would be nice to get these in Canada...
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