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Question for guitarists that use their modular live
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Author Question for guitarists that use their modular live
The band I'm in has finished a record in which we used plenty of synth stuff. We have a keyboard player who plays a nord electro, moog little phatty 2 and an access virus.

On the record, we also used my eurorack modular a few times for things like noise, sub bass and a couple of sequences. Now I play guitar and sing in the band and have begun to bring my modular to our rehearsal studio to integrate it into the live setup.

Now, I need to really figure out efficient ways to control things. In some cases I will be able to twist some knobs but I think I also need to come up with some foot control solutions. What are some of you guys out there using?

That moog MP201 expression pedal looks great but it's $499 for shit's sake!
the moog ep-2 won't work, not unless you have 5v available on the jack you want to use it on. i bought one recently just so i could play my favourite wiard borg2 wah wah patch live, but it won't work unless you have 5v. the jack is a t/r/s. i think you might be able to use it if you have a blacet i/o or something similar. mine's for sale!

i have had great fun going guitar into avalon u5 d.i. into modular. nice clean guitar tone, but then run it through crazy envelope filtering/delay/phasing patches etc.
Ah gotcha. I think my approach is a little different because rather than running my guitar through the modular, I just need to control it as a separate instrument.

For instance, simple things like opening and closing a mixer, Resetting an LFO...
I have used modulars live since the 70s (which was a nightmare I might add!). I'm presently using a Behringer FCB1010 midi controller pedalboard (which can be had for about $100) which I program in conjunction with my Cubase DAW and my Modular by way of an Encore Expressionist which has 8 channels of midi>CV/Trigger converters. Incredably flexable system and with the addition of a UNO chip for the Behringer (google it) and one of the program editors that are available on-line, you get an amazing amount of programability in both CC and stomp box modes. Only drawback is only 2 pedals (you could use more than one at a time), but you can program the foot switches to change the CC assignments for the pedals, so at any time, you can step on a footswitch and change the pedal assignment. You will need some midi chops to figure out how to make everything play nice, and I'm still not 100% up to speed, bet even with my limited midi knowledge, I'm getting some great results.
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