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Plan of first 6U
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Author Plan of first 6U
I've finally planned out a rough idea for my first 6U of modules. It's mostly Doepfer and Asol as these seem to give the best value for money, as I'm on a pretty tight budget.

I think this setup packs quite a lot of funtionality into 6U but I'd appreciate if people with more experience than I could have a look and let me know if you think I'm missing anything or if I've got stuff I don't need. Just if it makes sense i guess.

Just some feedback really would be greatly appreciated thumbs up

thanks in advance

A Dingleberry Monstrosity
I would personally drop the standard oscillator, I havent heard one though... but I imagine its not the coolest one out there. (hides)

....maybe the Anal solutions one as well *snicker*.
hahaha that one's already on its way lol

I know it's probably not the most 'out there' oscillator there is, but I've heard good things about it.
computer controlled
For the money spent on the A-110 and A.Sol Oscs, you could have gotten the MFB OSC-02 Triple VCO for not much more.

I had the VCO2 Dual VCO by A.Sol and both Oscillators had DC Offset on them, which is strange. So i'm a bit weary of their Oscs now.

I'm curious to hear the A-102 VCF. Have you looked into the Z2040 for Polivoks?
I got the A-110 used for considerably cheaper that it would be new so I'm happy. I didn't know that about the Asol VCO's. Sound wise though - how was the VCO2? I may contact Asol and find out if their other oscillators are the same.

I was considering the Wiard anti oscillator as a my second VCO if I can get one a a good price. I'm a little concerned though that it may be out of my price range, as are most other higher end oscillators unfortunately waah

The polivoks VCF seems to be very popular on here - what is it that makes it so special? How does it compare to other filters like the A102, or the MS20 clones available?
computer controlled
The Polivoks is a great sounding filter! For one, when you turn the resonance up, it doesn't suck the volume and low end out of the signal. It retains the low end and even adds a bit of grit to the sound. Just a slight bit, not enough to be distracting. Also, when you push the Input signals high enough, the resonance gets all unstable and gnarly, in the best possible way. It uses the original Russian chips that were in the Polivoks synthesizer, so it retains the characteristics that make that particular synth sought after. If you want a nice sharp filter with it's own sound, it won't dissapoint. I don't know what the A-102 sounds like, so i can't compare. The only other Doepfer VCF i've heard is the A-105, which i have. Which sounds really good. It's got a nice early/mid-80s Roland sound to it. The Polivoks also has a Bandpass output as well, which can be used at the same time as the Lowpass Out. You can feed one of the outs back into one of the inputs and have some fun that way as well =o]
It certainly sounds nice and I know the Polivoks has a reputation for being an awesome synth - i'll seriously look into to it. I think they're reasonably priced too but yet it's still twice the price of the the Doepfer filters I was looking at eek!
The first module arrived in the post today. I think i'm gonna piss myself with excitement! It's peanut butter jelly time!
if you are thinking of upgrading your filters, why not go all out and get a qmmg? Yes it's expensive but it'd replace your low pass gate and your amplifiers too (and it can mix). It might give you some more flexibility and sounds great.
oh shouldnt say things like that to me hihi

I don't even want to listen patches made with it because I know I'm gonna want it......

£315 from postmodular though.....that's a quite a lot to shell out at once for me abd there's no way I could afford it without saving up for a probably 3 months - therefore not buying others.....but then would the QMMG make such an impact on my system that I wouldnt need to buy others? I guess I can always wait till april and see what the bonus brings Mr. Green

About the current plan though - do you think modules like the A-156 quantizer and A-119 ext input are worth it for this system based on the other modules? Are they likely to see enough use?

Are there other modules, keeping in mind price is an issue, that are more essential to a good system or that you would go for?
I don't have either, but I'm planning to get the quantiser myself, it looks like a lot of fun.
I was thinking about the A-119 ext input as well but I secretly long for a Maths so I figured I'd try that to amplify my external signals with.
That's what I would get first if I were to start a system today. It's great to have a module that can be whatever you need it to be, especially when you don't have many modules yet and still want to try out lots of different things.

Personally I would go for the QMMG (I have it as my only vca/lpg/filter), but I have no experience with the modules it's competing with razz

Apart from that your system looks like a lot of fun for little money.
I found that the quantizer glued my system together in ways I hadn't expected. For a more noodle-oriented synth (vs. one played from a keyboard) it's essential, imho.

The usefulness of the external input depends on how much external gear you expect to be using with your modular. I suggest not getting it until you find that you need it.
Yeah I think the MIDI to CV converter will probably be one of the last modules I get so I guess the quantizer will probably be a good investment. Especialy as I'm aiming to get the sequencer over the xmas period.

I understand the basic principal behind the quantizer - but could you give me some examples of practical applications of its use? or is that a stupid question?
In the system you're considering, it can be used to "tune" the sequencer's output so it's in key, without having to fuss with micro adjustments to the sequencer's knobs.

I use it a lot in conjunction with a Noise Ring to turn the semi-chaotic loops into something more musical. It's really awesome with chaotic sources.
Sounds very cool.

Can it tune things like the BBD feedback loops? Ext signals from an A-119? or LFO's & S+H?
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