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SnazzyFX Telephone Game module - NOW available!!
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Author SnazzyFX Telephone Game module - NOW available!!
saw this on matrixsynth. looks pretty interesting

Good find ignatius grin looking forward to hearing some more details about this
very very interesting,some wicked CV mutation going on in this clip...

Would it be bad to make a thread about the module in the main Euro section,
original stuff like this often gets overlooked and should get a bit more exposure...
I mean I only come to this subforum cos I have Snazzy modules.

I can say with great excitement that the TELEPHONE GAME is coming somewhere in the next 3-5 weeks!!

I am really very happy with the module and put SO MUCH work into this one.

If I HAD to compare it to anything I would compare it to a sequencer, only this sequencer you choose notes Not by selecting each step, but by deciding which waveform to input or more accurately, which signal, how much feedback, and which output to use.


you either use the built in white noise gen (for random information as your "seed") or you plug in any kind of signal

then you give it a clock (the only REQUIRED input is Clock)

If you want to get fancy, you can add a second input for either TIMED or Random Looping (depending on whether or not you give it a pulse which is IN TIME with your master clock)

an easy way to set things up would be thus:

CLOCK OUT OF A VCO (sine or square, it doesn't matter-its made to work with all types of signals) into the Telephone Game

CLOCK OUT FROM THE TELEPHONE GAME INTO A DIVIDER MODULE (why? mainly so you can drive tons of stuff in sync if you want AND THE NICE PART IS YOU CAN ENGAGE AND TURN OFF THE ANALOG LOOP FUNCTION from one of the lower divisions (say divide by 8 or 16)

(you can select from one of three clks....UNDIVIDED, FIRST DIV or 5th usually just
use 1 but sometimes undivided is good for driving sequencers OR divide by 5 is GREAT if you are planning on doing experimental SUM OUT EXPLORATIONS....more on that later...keep in mind there are TWO different DIVISION MODES on the Telephone Game)

(ardcore expander divider or 4ms RCD both work well as divider modules.

IF YOU DRIVE YOUR SEQUENCER FROM THE DIVIDER, USE DIVIDE BY 2 for more range. and maybe drive your MAIN VCA from the sequencer (using 1/4 or 1/8 notes for really driving stuff)

OK now you have all the back-end setup done

then just plug in a signal, mess with the feedback sources, and choose your first output.

there are two or three "main outputs". The one I usually use MOST OFTEN for videos or recording or LIVE use (this thing is great for live improv) is
STAGE FIVE OUTPUT but there are some other equally interesting outputs.

THE TWO MAIN OUTPUTS (stage five and CV SUM OUT) both have ATTENUVERTERS on them So you can dial back the intensity OR REVERSE the polarity. This is great in use as it allows you to go crazy with levels and feedback without having to keep turning down the pitch on your vcl or the cutoff on your filter.

why attenuverters on the outputs? for your benefit of course!!

Some of my favorite modules ALREADY have attenuverters OR at least level controls on their CV inputs. BUT MANY DO NOT and nothing is worse than having to keep messing with a module just to get your pitch range set where you want it.

So be confident that 3 of the output jacks on this module allow for maximum range. 3? Yes 3, the two main outs AND a switchable SLEW OUTPUT.

This SLEW Output can switch between two sources.

The MORPH output (more on this later) and the output of OUTPUT STAGE 5 ATTENUVERTER.

The slew is nice and adds a lot of variation to the module.
Plus there is a jumper on the back that allows you to change the character of the Slew if you wish from more mellow to much SHARPER with steeper attacks.

And what is this MORPH output?

Well imagine if you will that you plug in a triangle LFO into the input.
This Triangle is passed through the module and back out again through 2 feedback stages. These can be mixed in with the original signal.

So if you look at this triangle wave on a scope and then you keep adding the feedback, the triangle starts getting spikes and troughs. Starts morphing into other shapes entirely. And this signal is useful as a totally different CV output.

And you can route this through slew.

Now there are other outs as well.

The CV SUMMER output (with attenuverter) that I mentioned is really interesting. Depending on your clock speed it allows you to hear the signal as it gets passed from stage to stage. trills, legato effects, a scary mess, all can be created with this output.

and once again feedback has a large effect.

Stages one and three have regular outputs.

IF you wanted, you could set up an elaborate patch where Stage one and Stage Five both Drive the pitch of VCOS. Output 3 could be used to sweep a filter or trigger something or control CV on the chaos brother. Clock the Ardcore, etc. The Slew output could be used for whatever you want, delay time? And of course The SUM Out could be modulating wave shape or resonance or filter cutoff.

I have just begun explaining the things you can do with this module.

I think there are far more things I have NOT tried than things i HAVE tried.

I am quite sure you could use this module for sweeps or envelope like effects. One trick I want to try is taking a clock and putting it into a multiplier (like the 4ms SCM) so one clock would give you multiple clocks. Then take that multiplied clock and run the telephone game with it.

you could get it to read the input very quickly in relation to your base tempo.

Oh and I didn't even really cover the different LOOPING MODES!

there are two basic ways to loop

the most visible is the GATED LOOP. Which can be triggered either by your own hand pressing a button (on the module) *awesome for live use!!** OR by a gate/trigger coming in. I designed it to take two clocks. One to set the loop and one to turn it off.

So if you put two measures of no gates, then a gate at the start of measure 3 and and then one at the start of measure 5, you get five cells repeating over and over and over for 2 measures.

the other way, which doesn't have the same quality at all as it STILL EVOLVES, is the FEEDBACK method.

For this type of ANALOG LOOP, you make sure that your signal has filled up all the cells. While this is happening you start turning up your feedback pots. Then you quickly turn down the input pot. Depending on what your signal level is and how much you turn up the feedback, you end up WITH AN ANALOG SIGNAL that keeps recycling, changing over time. I have had them last for 20 minutes, evolving the whole while.

OK thats it for now.

Who is interested?


Im very interested! That sounds great, the analog loop part sounds really fantastic. Officially excited w00t
this thing sounds fascinating! and looks like lots of fun to use. cant wait to check it.

there's nothing else like this in eurorack. so cool.. lot's of great ideas packed in there
thanks for all the details,
indeed it seems to cram a heck of a lot of potential for mashing stuff up into one module.

better start saving thumbs up
this module is gonna be one of those "i started patching and next thing i knew the sun came up" type of things.
Looks very interesting indeed! applause
bodo wrote:
Looks very interesting indeed! applause

must have. this will be my birthday present to myself.
bump for happy snazzy new years.
boards arrived

panels aren't too far behind!

we are so close to the telephone game release!!

woo hoo

and I think people will really enjoy the graphics
Really excited to put this to work as well. Your creations continue to inspire Dan!
loss1234 wrote:
boards arrived

panels aren't too far behind!

we are so close to the telephone game release!!

woo hoo

and I think people will really enjoy the graphics

It's motherfucking bacon yo It's motherfucking bacon yo It's motherfucking bacon yo It's motherfucking bacon yo

cant wait to check this thing out
looks like the first telephone game is going to debut at NAMM in the WMD booth!!

next week!!
Ill post photos


namm pics?
i'm sure sonicstate or whoever is making their way from booth to booth doing videos and then editing them all night in the hotel room or whatever..

hopefully this module is one that shows up in the mass of media!

i'm anxious to see it.. by see it.. i mean see it in my case!
strange and exciting module !
i'm in
found this in the euro namm thread, is this the final faceplate design? cant wait to try it out.

excellent! i dig the look/layout




and THIS is a very rushed, off the cuff demo....i really need to get a well thought out demo up can see in this video toward the end that i am VERY unfamiliar with the utilty modules in the case ( vca/filter/) as they HAD JUST BEEN RELEASED FOR NAMM (4ms/ssf)

so i realized AFTER THE INTERVIEW that the VCA wasnt shutting because i had the offset controls and cv response controls all screwy...which meant you are just hearing the same tonality

i could barely hear anything...there are sound police so you have to keep quiet and with 10 systems in one booth it can get hard to hear.....BUT AT LEAST YOU CAN SEE IT AND GET SOME IDEA..... just please dont DISS the module based on this video....

AND SADLY, sonic state and synthtopia SKIPPED SNAZZY FX......just like last year...i guess they think we are not too interesting to their readers

there might be another video coming from ANdreas od Schneider's though

many of you stopped by at the booth and let me know you love what we are doing.

that means the world to me. seriously!
i'm still totally sold on this module..

NAMM videos are typically useless because of the environment.. so have no fear!
ignatius wrote:
i'm still totally sold on this module..

thumbs up yes, looks fantastic, beautiful design! would love to see more demos/examples & more info.
i'm super pumped!
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