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another newbie looking for system planning advice
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Author another newbie looking for system planning advice
Hi all,
This is my first real post of this super informative forum. So glad i found it and have been poring over it like crazy, trying to get my head around it all.

So I have decided to take the plunge and go modular. I have gone through I dont know how many iterations of rack plans but now is the time to ask for actual feedback.

I decided it may be best to get a 9U case which I figure will take at least a year to gradually fill. So here is my current version.

I would appreciate any suggestions or comments on what is missing, redundant or plain doesnt make sense.

I would also appreciate any suggestions on what order things should be bought, and will be keeping an eye out for used modules.

Looking forward to your feedback (i just hope i understand it all)


looks good.

Two things:
1) I would replace the offset/attenuator with a dual attenuator - much cooler for the QMMG. Might even consider getting two of them for the four channels.
2) You will most likely find limited use for the Dual Trigger Delay - I'd much rather put an a-147 vcLFO in there.
i think you could do with another dual vca. and maybe another multiple too.
well most of these threads have better results if you help us understand what kind of stuff you plan on doing with your modular, all around noise machine? classic bass n' leads?
Thanks for the suggestions so far.

The plan is kind of a projection on how I could gradually fill up that case, and I know that it will change as I explore and see what I need and according to what it available.

So I would like to ask what would be the best 5 or 6 modules to get first?
I figure the doepfers are more likely to turn up used, but some of them are also pretty necessary to get up and running it seems.

Regarding adding a VCA, couldnt the Drum-99 function in that way, or would it be better to replace that with a vca?

As for the kind of sounds I would like to strive for, I think mostly trying to get some rhythmic bleeps, blops and gurgles. So mostly experimental electronics and noodly stuff along the lines of Schnitzler, Subotnik, Seesselberg. Though would be also cool to be able to patch together some psych acid like AFX or mayhem ala Astro.
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