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Looks like Keyfax is shutting down its Tenori-On forums...
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Author Looks like Keyfax is shutting down its Tenori-On forums...
Just got this email from Keyfax - the USA Tenori-On source and the host of the T-O forums there:

Tenori-on, signing off

Well folks, it was a fun if rather short ride but tenori-onusa is closing its doors, in line with the fade-to-black of the magical hardware instrument itself:


Tenori-on always was about the concept; high art rather than any serious drive towards high volume sales.

Here at Keyfax NewMedia, the company behind the Tenori-onusa website, we move onto pastures new with our other 'Yamaha instrument' and independent endeavors.

Until stocks last we will continue to carry Tenori-on accessories over at and hope that we will see you over there whenever your needs - or maybe just your curiosity dictate. Right now we are offering some tasty deals on tenori-on stands, t-shirts, cases and more. They wont last long so visit and pick up some holiday bargains while you can.

The link mentioned in the post is here:

They are discounting accessories so it is time to stock up on the fragile MIDI cable is only $35 and the stands are $69.
Paranormal Patroler
The forum has been closed for a few months now. As far as I know I was unable to access it. Allow me to say that they can go fuck themselves for all I care; all Keyfax was good for was spamming about useless products. No support for the super-spam-friendly forum, no replies to any requests, never amounted to nothing. Good bye and good riddance.

Just bitter that Yamaha never took this where it should go. Their marketing department needs a kick in the butt and a slap in the face.
Was an early adapter.....loved the damn thing....but was dissapointed too.
The forum sukced btw.
Is there any way to access people who were using the old forums &
bring them here?
Paranormal Patroler
Personally I don't have any emails. Which is a major bummer considering how a few power users had nice Max/MSP patches going.

TimL here smile

I guess TNR discussions will continue here now?

Paranormal Patroler
Hey TimL, nice to see you here man. thumbs up
Hey PP! Long live the Tenori-On!
Funny how they killed off the Forum. They ended up blocking my emails asking for updates on the situation. Anyway, time to move on and maybe this is the new best place to continue.
Came here (muffwiggler) seeking info on something else but will be staying for the tenori-on and everything else.
thumbs up
Paranormal Patroler
Welcome to the best forum on the interweb! Got some modular stuff?

Yamaha actually released a new version for the iTenoriOn but as you already know there's nothing going on for the hardware. Closed the forum up and everything useful (like some nice tricks I had written over there) got lost. Thankfully Muffs made this little cozy place for us TO users. I own two of these right now.

I'll be happy to see you contribute around here. Feel free to PM me if you need something or have any questions regarding the forum.

It's peanut butter jelly time!


By the way, if you feel like giving us the info on who to contact and bitch about the TO being neglected, please do it this time. No pressure of course.
No Modular gear but have had CV installed on an arp so getting into MIDI to CV using Ableton and maxmsp and using the TNR as the main sequencer plus a bunch of other outboard synths and the Chronome. Got some other promising acquisitions on the horizon too, but we'll see...

Shame the forum got closed, a fair bit of useful stuff gone although 90% of it was useless spammy rubbish. Will be good to resurrect the good stuff here.

I pitched hard and constantly to Yamaha, Toshio and Keyfax for some positive response regarding future development. At some point I'll go back through the emails and share. In the end I was pretty much stone walled. very frustrating To the point where Keyfax blocked my emails (they would bounce back) I thought maybe they had shut down however an email from a different name and address proved they just didnt want to speak with me. Earlier on I was in touch with a marketing guy in Japan, he did indicate that Yamaha was not in a position to continue development- fair enough considering the economy and situation in Japan. I probably did badger him to the point where he wouldn't bother replying. Toshio is too elusive and will not engage in conversation, despite messaging him thru fakebook. I did make a fluke connection with the co-creator Yu Nishibori (found out he works for Korg and guessed his email applause ) Exchanged a few emails; along the lines of firmware is Yamaha's intellectual property which they won't release but he would speak to one of the engineers at yamaha. I guess he spoke to someone and was told 'you must never speak of tenori-on again to anyone' Yu stopped replying to my requests for more info after that, not surprisingly... or maybe he was assassinated by yamaha ... hmmm..... anyway, that's the short version.

will be hanging around here now, getting my fix and sharing with other users.

Guinness ftw!
very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating

seriously, i just don't get it very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating


d'oh! meh
Also, we have started the "TNR Tenori-On Musicians Group" on Facebook, you are invited to join!
This is not the end for TNR W, there is still so much that can be done with this intuitive multitrack sequencer...
something wonderful
Paranormal Patroler
Hey VJFranzK,

welcome man! Long time no see.
i saw Yu two weeks ago, so no worries for his safety...
he left yamaha pretty soon after the tenori on launch in tokyo, and moved directly to korg, where he still works. he's a good guy....
Just found this sub-forum. Yippee! Once the TO forum went belly up I thought that was it for on-line Tenori-on discussion and file sharing. Good to see some familiar names around here. I hope this arena stays alive longer than the now-defunct Yamaha forum did. I'm still using my TNR-W for making tracks and sequencing. It's a shame that development stopped, but that's how it goes.
Sad to see this product effectively die.

Having some serious mixed feelings on whether to hold on to her or sell her.

Such wasted potential....
Mr. Pete
man mine are working great ~ just hope they stay that way

also would be nice if some of those accessories could see another price drop they are still pretty expensive 2 years later

paregoric wrote:
Sad to see this product effectively die.

Having some serious mixed feelings on whether to hold on to her or sell her.

Such wasted potential....
Paranormal Patroler
Which accessories?
Mr. Pete
there's quite a LOT here:
Two kids of stands, Mic Stand adapters
Choice of WHITE or ORANGE cases
regular MIDI cables that came with, special MIDI/USB cables
power cord/wall wart etc
and 35 dollar T shirts

Paranormal Patroler wrote:
Which accessories?
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