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Moog MP-201 with Eurorack?
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Author Moog MP-201 with Eurorack?

So apparently Moog just updated the MP-201 to now include MIDI-to-CV conversion(!), CV scaling, and envelopes (one-shot and looping). Also, they reduced the price to $400 until December 31st.

I recently started building my modular, starting with a beauty case and an A-127 triple res filter (I'm starting with guitar processing, and slowly adding voice generators). Anyways, this seems to be a no-brainer for a guitarist building a modular. Not only would I have tempo-synced LFO's, but it would save me some rackspace on MIDI-to-CV or LFO panels (still debating between the 6U MW case with the utility strip or the 9U Monorocket), and it has USB!

I'm about to make this my #1 holiday purchase, but I just wanted to ask if anyone here has used this with their Eurorack systems, and what kind of success they've had.
I have been thinking the exact same thing man. This sounds really tempting now.
i'm well tempted by this too, looks perfect!
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