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[audio] Imaginary timbral objects (part II added)
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Author [audio] Imaginary timbral objects (part II added)
plan to make more...
part II:


(different patch, but same system as below)

--==old post==--
Hi boys and girls,

Fomp, Kdink, brrop, wtf, shhhdunk, prrrr, ffffff and electric eels...
I've been having a lot of fun playing this self running patch (heavily tweaked). Recorded a lot of takes Dead Banana
Here's one of them:


Here's the patch hmmm.....
(updated the pic a million times, sorry)
Great variety of sound !
My cat approves too !
Let's hear a few more of these takes .
Amazing variety of tones and a great composition.

Any patch notes? hihi
Great ! Even sounds nice on my iPad, but have to give it another proper listen asap thumbs up
Amazingly organic, KNYST. Beautiful. Am I right hearing some LPG and PT action in there?
Guinness ftw!

Re notes/modules:
Only 1 LPG and 3 PT delays were harmed Mr. Green
Patch notes... well, it's a mess (see updated 1st post)!
Like most of my Bug pieces nowadays, modulations or sounds through my DIY random generator + sequential switch module is the engine behind the main structure.
Re adding more takes:
I'll have to ponder on that Randy, but I appreciate your interest in hearing more thumbs up
Thanks...I think. Maybe I have to take an exam in spaghetti re-engineering...
Thanks for the patch picture thumbs up

What did you build for a random generator/ sequential switch?
fonik seq switch + easel random clone.
The 1st just fits behind the panel, but the other pcb is mounted in the boat.
A very simple, yet compact panel design.
otoskope wrote:
Thanks...I think. Maybe I have to take an exam in spaghetti re-engineering...

I'll try to be less lazy this time - the basics of this patch...
SVF#1 as VCO > LPG > folder > PT delay#1 > panner > mix out
(folder also to PT delay#2)
XR09VCO > FM in on SVF#1
Noise + utility VCO > seq.switch > SVF#2 > PT delay#2 > mix out
Sine VCOx2 > freq shift > frequensteiner > VCA > PT delay#3 > mix out
Noise crusher ramp > Cos in on freq shift

Noise crusher square > random > CTL1 / all cv ins on SVF#2 / divider / 1v oct+res CV on SVF#1
CTL1 seq outs > frequensteiner / PT delay#2+3
CTL1 pressure out > EG gate > VCA cv in
CTL1 pressure out > Noise crusher cv in
dividers > XR09VCO + gate delay > LPG
divider + random > dc mixer > PT delay#1
LFO tri > panner + folder, LFO square > PT delay#2

Wen playing this patch, I also used manual trig+reset on seq.switch and divider, also toggling (on/off) some cv's in the UTL6A switch.
new recording in 1st post
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