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The input on the VCS
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Author The input on the VCS
So, on the Bananalogue VCS, what exactly is going on with the input?
Is the signal passing into a VCA controlled by the Rise/Fall envelope? I'm not quite understanding how a portamento happens either.
Muff Wiggler
easiest way to understand the VCS is to realize that it is simply a voltage follower.

With all neutral knob settings, the voltage that is input is the same as the voltage that is output.

However, using the knobs, you can add slew to both the rising, and the falling, side of the voltage following.

So if you had a fast spike up and down, you could follow this exactly, or you could turn it into a gentle pyramid shape up and down, by adding slew to the rise and the fall. or you can take an exponential rise and/or fall shape by pulling out the knobs

of course there's more to it, like the auto re-trigger to create an LFO effect, etc.

Think of just sending it a simple trigger pulse. The rise and fall slew options can turn a trigger pulse into an AD envelope.

But, it's really just a voltage follower, with controls for how fast or slow the voltage is actually followed.

hope that makes sense.
So there really isn't anything else out there which does this...
Modcan Dual LFO is very similar.
Sorry - I should have said affordable smile
I wonder if there's a way to patch together a Model 10 and a slew limiter...
Muff Wiggler
the thing about it is, you can replace just about any given indivdual function of it with something else, but you can't get all those things in one package. And some of the features have voltage control in the VCS, when they probably wouldn't when you find a module to replace them with.

For example, the Oakley/krisp1 Little Lag module can pretty much do all the slew stuff you can with the VCS, as it basically a voltage follower with seperate controls for rising and falling slew amount - however there's not voltage control of the features.

for the ad generator functions, and the LFO, you can copy those with a Blacet EG1. However the VCS gives you the end of cycle pulse out as well.

For the v/oct oscillator, you can replace that with an oscillator. but the VCS has a unique timbre

for the gate delay stuff, you can replace that with a gate delay

etc etc
Well, obviously the Serge DSG is out there, or the new quad panel. IIRC, the Serge version of this circuit allows VC control of either up or down time, but not both. The VCS has independent VC of up, down, and "both", which is unique to that circuit.

The Wiard Envelator is, almost, two VCS circuits (including CV control of up/down slope/time, end out pulse, cycle mode) plus an inverted output, AR mode in addition to AD mode (one listens to gate time, one does not, both always run to completion), a square wave out derived from the cycle time, and a built in two channel crossfader. The VCS, though, has separate audio and trigger inputs, which makes it possible to use it as an LPG or a freq divider; that's another unique thing to the VCS, AFAIK.

If you don't need CV control of slope/time, or the audio input feature, the Oakley little lag will do the slew and envelope functions just fine, for cheap, in a one space frac module. You should have two. I do. They rule.

So, you can do the little lag with no CV for $50UKP, the VCS for $215, or pay out for a serge panel or Envelator. Despite the unique features of the VCS, I'm probably going to eventually sell my remaining VCS as partial funding for another Envelator smile
My lust is unquenchable...
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