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Guitar n00b question: which preamp for recording
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Author Guitar n00b question: which preamp for recording
After years of synth monogamy, I've decided my latest project needs some electric guitar.

I would like to apply outboard effects to the guitar and record it WITHOUT going through a cabinet. So basically, I am looking for a recording pre-amp for an electric guitar, with an effects loop built in. I'm looking for something with
- low noise
- line-level outs, preferably both balanced and unbalanced
- headphones out
- a range of tones, maybe even with some of 'teh lightbulbs' in it.
- preferably a bunch of knobs (rather than menus or that shit) for controlling the parameters (can't quite leave the modular comfort zone ....)
- I'm thinking around 500 Euros budget, but maybe that's way off ....

Any recommendations?
i use an avalon u5 which has everything you want except for an effects loop. it won't do distorted tones by itself though - it's a very clean d.i./pre amp with eq. great if you like clean tones, or want to reamp later.
Cool, thanks! Looks like a great box.

I probably don't need the effects loop actually. Is it possible to send the line level out of both the unbalanced TR (front) and balanced XLR (back) at the same time? That would really nice for printing clean and effected versions of the guitar to separate tracks.

I wouldn't mind something that can do distortion / amp emulation, but maybe I should think about getting some pedals for that ...

Keep em coming, any other good options?
I read this as being a guitar specific pre-amp & not a recording pre-amp. Either way, there are so many options these days that my head spins. You can use a modeling device or a fully analog device.

Things that I've used and have liked (and still own most of 'em):


Roland VG-99
Boss VF-1
Roger Linn Adrenalinn
Korg A3 or A1


Marshall JMP-1
Marshall 9001

Wild Card

Blackheart Killer Ant (less than 1 Watt tube head)
yes, the avalon u5 has 4 simultaneous outputs. a "through" instrument level output which can be switched to be with or without the gain/eq changes, a balanced mic level out (for feeding to a mic preamp), a balanced line level out, and a headphone out. it's a very versatile device!
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