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Ken nordine spoken jazz
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Author Ken nordine spoken jazz
Been listening to a lot of his work lately.
Thought I would let people know about him.
Also a question, any wigglers doing something like this, but with their modulars?
I have a couple of Ken Nordine wordjazz cd's - "Colors" from the 60's and "Transparent Mask" from the early 00's. I like them a lot, more for his unfolding word play and voice than the music... I don't listen to them nearly enough, along with my Ivor Cutler and Moondog records....
CJ Miller
Ken Nordine rocks. I discovered his work during my teens in the mid 80s. Omni magazine briefly had a cassette version called "Omni Audio Experience" which ran for just 2-3 issues. Nordine had a few pieces on there. One about quarks, IIRC. Later on, I bought a few of his original Word Jazz records, which I enjoyed. But his later work with only vocals and studio effects I think is a lot more mature and focused. I'd love to hear more of this stuff.

This, along with other artists, has greatly informed my life experience. As a 40-ish person in the US, I am in an unusual position of having grown up immersed in radio plays and other spoken audio arts. Nordine, along with a few others such as Joe Frank and Gregory Whitehead, had revealed to me how personal and profound voice work can be when liberated from the usual commercial formats of poetry, stories, and advertising.

I have done a bit of audio play work on my own, but nothing very cohesive. I am a bit autistic and IMO naturally stilted, so not very versatile in my expressive range as a voice actor/performer. But I can do "weird" fairly well! My problem is that I can get so wrapped up in this work, that I make a lot of work out of it. More than I have time for in my life right now. I could spend weeks just writing. Or just recording. Or just mixing. Or just doing sound design. Most recent thing I was working on was fashioning some prose by cutting up some bizarre text sources, and massaging it into something for a dramatic (and quite absurd) reading. Then I got sidetracked into making a better setup for text-based graphics compositing. And making a module for getting gesture data into Max/MSP, etc. My focus is too diffuse, I am all over the place. Also, sometimes (like now) my allergies act up and I can't really do voice work for a while. Since I am unemployed now, I am just trying to tackle as many big projects as I can whilst I have the time.

As far as the modular setup goes, I do always consider setting up systems for getting signals in and out of them in useful ways. My small Euro system had the unusual start of Doepfer A-119, A138m, and A-139. A preamp/EF, matrix mixer, and headphone amp. Because my first consideration was flexible processing. Likewise with my DIY 4U setup. What I am missing from my modular now, for this sort of thing, are equalizers, compressors, and panners. Most of the work I have done has been recording directly into my 828-> G5 -> SparkXL. And my most useful processing so far has been Soundhack Spectral Shapers. This is a quick, quiet, controlled and contained way to work. My modular just isn't at the same level yet.
a big fan of his work since my childhood, i just found out that mr nordine passed away february 16th. R.I.P. ken nordine

FUCK!! well, it was bound to happen
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