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speed up MIDI2CV sync
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Author speed up MIDI2CV sync
big job head
I though the MIDI2CV sync was intended to pulse at 24ppqn but i only got one pulse every quarter note, no matter which software/hardware i use to send midi clock.
Is it normal?
is there a way to speed up the sync?
thanks spinning
big job head
help please.
using a clock multiplier each time i need to use the sync out is a bit worrying
Maybe i missed something but it's clearly written on hexinverter website :
Sync jack:
This jack outputs an analogue version of the MIDI clock in the digital data stream. It is 24ppqn and can be divided down for use driving sequencers and the like. It can be used alongside the run/stop and reset outputs to control a sequencer while playing in Monophonic mode.
There's a way to change the midi clock division. Maybe your clock is dividing by more than you prefer. Mine is way too fast and I'd like to divide it down a few divisions.

Go to the Hex site and read the manual on how to set the midi clock division to your preferences. It's old school and kind of confusing, but you should be able to adjust the division, as long as your pic firmware is ok.

Yeah, there are a few keys on the lowest octave of the keyboard that can be used to set the clock divisions.
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