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[Build Thread] UltraFlop-08 Sequencer
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Author [Build Thread] UltraFlop-08 Sequencer
Thought I'd start a new thread for the Ultra version. Here's the BOM. The rest of the docs are with SynthCube, and will be uploaded here tomorrow.

Schematic for UltraFlop-08:

Bill Of Materials
Design:   UltraFLOP-08
Doc. no.: <NONE>
Revision: Rev 1.0
Author:   Dustin "J3RK" Stroh
Created:  07/06/10
Modified: 12/08/13

QTY  PART-REFS           VALUE               CODE                         
---  ---------           -----               ----                         
9    R1-R8,R46           330R                                             
2    R9,R19              100R                                               
19   R10,R11,R13-R18,    100K                                             
4    R12,R39,R41,R48     10k                                               
1    R20                 1k                                               
1    R23                 82k                                               
8    R30-R37             680R                                             
1    R40                 49.9K                                             
1    R42                 4.7M                                             
1    R43                 2.2K                                             
1    R44                 220k                                             

1    C1                  100pF                                             
1    C2                  100nF                                             
1    C3                  10nF                                             
1    C4                  4.7uF                                             
2    Power Filter Elecs  100uF
13   BP (bypass)         100nF

Integrated Circuits
1    U1                  4029                                             
1    U2                  4028                                             
1    U3                  4051                                             
2    U4,U5               4013                                             
2    U6,U9               TL074                                             
1    U7                  LT1014 or LT1114 (or if DC accuracy not critical TL074)                                         
1    U8                  4093                                             
2    U10,U11             4081                                             
1    U12                 TL072                                             
1    U13                 4046                                             

11   Q1-Q11              2N3904                                           

9    D1-D8,D15           LED                                       
4    D11-D14             DIODE                                             

8    RV1-RV8             100k                                             
1    RV9                 1M                                               
8    SW1-SW8             SW-SPST                                           
1    SW9                 SW-ROT-3 (or better, a DPDT On-On-On type, see wiring diagram)                                         
1    SW10                SW-SPDT                                           

Here are build notes, and switch-wiring diagrams, etc.
Thought I'd bump this, since it's being asked about. More docs posted here in a few...
I can't wait to get this built!

I'm trying to figure out how to add some of the new features to the old panel I have. I guess we'll see how it goes
I'm looking forward to this one, too! I'll probably build my PCB in a month or so.
What is the MOD1-8 for and will 100k be ok?
All 100k for the pots? Yes. I use 100k linear pots on everything except envelopes that rely on pot values or the like.

Mod 1-8 are spaces to put in diodes to build an 8 input diode OR circuit for the gate outputs. If you do this you will get a single gate output where you can disable steps using the switches for individual gates. It's an addition you can opt to do. It doesn't take away the individual outputs or anything like that.

If you google "diode or circuit" you'll get schematics for it. Just diodes and one resistor. I will dig up a diagram when I'm not using my phone.
just bought the panel from synthcube. Does anyone have the mouser part number for the LED slides? Are they available in different colors?

Thanks! Looking forward to build this (some time in the future).
Asked Clarke himself who informed me that this is the part used for the panel sold by synthcube: alkey65210000virtualkey652-PTL60-10R0-104B2

however, I want my LED's to be pink and want to swapp the ones that comes with the slider. Anyone know what kind of LED's are in these and where I can buy them? I know plenty of people have done this on the Serge EQ and the Turing machine expander.
About the switches are they they on-off 1-pole? I'm reffering to these:

Correct, though you could use either SPST or SPDT for SW1-SW8. In fact, SPDT are probably easier to find in many cases. They're basically the same thing, with one pin removed from the bottom in many cases with toggles. Basically SW1 - SW8 are just to connect the gate traces to the outputs.

SW10 is to select between internal or external clock. So the center pin will go to the clock input of the sequencer, one side goes to the external clock jack input, and the other side goes to the internal clock's output.
Thanks J3rk, will look into this. Sourcing components soon.
Anyone have a source for the screws to attach the sliders to the synthcube panel. The mouser data sheet says that M2-25's should work--I tried that and they are wrong size.
Damn, just bought some M2 too! Haven't tried them yet.
Hello any idea to add a "reset" input on it ?
The screws needed are M2-40, I used 5mm.

I got them from Boltmax

Part Number: 532514

M2-0.40 X 5 MM Socket Head Cap Screw, Coarse, 50 ct.

There is a $10 minimum order.
For the sliders, are all of the LED's in them hooked up in parallel? If so I assume cathodes are grounded, what size resistor is needed to light them, assuming +12V supply at other end.

Any thoughts?
Sorry I missed your question. They are in parallel. It's possible to skip some wiring and resistors as some have done on the standard FlopSeq, but I personally just populate them all.

I can post the schematic soon. Just need to export it.

Depending on the LED, anything between 470R and 4.7K or so should work. I typically use 2.2K for the Lumex 3mm LEDs I use now. In the past I had some batches where I used 680R to get a good brightness. I power from 15V, but this range should work fine for you. If you got high brightness LEDs, you'll want larger resistors.
The sliders already have LED's inside them, I guess I'll just experiment until I get the right brightness.
Oh, sorry, I wasn't thinking about that, as I haven't built one with the sliders for myself. I'll see if I can find out what they should be.
The datasheet says 20mA. I would tend to go a little lower to keep eyeball searing down a bit. At 15V a 1K resistor will get you around 15mA, which should be good on these. 820R would get you nearly the same on 12V.
No problem, I thought if you knew it would save me some grief, lol.
Anyone built this with the Clarke68-panel yet? I'll start soon (I promise). Trying to figure out the wiring for that panel though.
Clarke is a saint! we're not worthy He just sent me some instructions on wiring the panel, here goes!

Hey Jonas,

I won't have time to do a wiring diagram for that any time soon, I'm crushing busy at work and then leaving town for a few weeks. J3RK has wiring diagrams for the switches here:

I don't have an Ultraflop PCB, but looking at the photo of it seems pretty straightforward for the switches, jacks, & the "blinking" LEDs (the ones at the top of the panel, not the ones on the slider pots).

The data sheet for the slider pots is here:

Look carefully, because the pinout seems to be a little weird on these. The pins are in two groups: 4 pins at one end and 2 and the other. If I'm reading it right, it looks like pins 1 and 3 are at opposite ends of the slider (similar, if you think about it, to how they are on a rotary pot) while pin 2, the wiper (the center pin of a rotary pot) is on the end with 4 pins next to pin 1.

That leaves 3 pins labled L, B, & E. L is a "dummy pin" which I guess you can ignore. B is the anode (+) of the LED, E is the cathode (-).

The PCB wasn't originally designed for these extra LEDs, so you have to decide what you want to do. I suppose you could wire them in series with the LEDs that are already'll probably have to change a resistor value somewhere, but then the LEDs on the sliders will blink along with others, showing which step you are on in the sequence.

I would wire them independently, so they stay on all the time...better for gigging/using the module in the dark. For that, you'll need power (looks like there are extra power connections perpendicular and to the right of the main power connector) and add a resistor to each slider, similar to the schematic here:

You'll want to try different resistor values until you get the brightness you want out of the LEDs.

I hope that helps. If so, feel free to post this in the forum someplace if anyone else has questions.

Take care!

- Clarke
I also have a bunch of extra boards, so if anyone runs into any difficulty, I can always build one up, and help test or track an issue. I've built five of this specific model, and no issues yet though. It's been a little while since I looked at what's in the FlopDocs zip file. I can't remember if I put a schematic in there or not. I will check it. If it's not in there, I will post it in this thread. This design has in one form or another been around for quite a while now, and I'm happy to make that available.

Edit: I just checked and no, the schematic isn't in that file. I will post it here sometime today/tonight.
Please do! I was looking for it. Also if you have a picture of the pcb without components that would be great as well!
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