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Malekko Echo 600
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Author Malekko Echo 600
For those who have's it sound? Is there alot of noise on the signal or is it pretty quiet?

Would you recommend it for a AUX send on a mixer to run synths through?
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
theres a couple videos of it on google iirc.
All I can find is guitar videos with it...anybody run a synth through it?
Here, you go, I just recorded a quick demo of a synth sound going through it. You can hear the dry sound at the beginning, I adjust time and feedback along the way just so you can hear it in various states.

Not noisy at all. I'd describe it as pleasantly muffled more than anything. I assume the Bright version is noisier, but I've never actually heard it to say that with any certainty.
I just talked to Shawn at Analoguehaven and he said that he'd suggest the BRIGHT because that sounds better with synths so I think I am going to go with that! Can't wait to get it!!
I have the dark 600. It can be a subtle effect on a synth, but I love the way it sounds. I use it to add artificial tails (short delay) most of the time, but it is still very usable for standard echo type sounds.

I would definitely buy the bright version too, but I am still hoping the euro rack E600M will come out. I haven't heard anything recently though waah
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