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Why have LFOs?
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Author Why have LFOs?
I always thought is was that they were so much cheaper than VCOs but then a great LFO like the uLFO come along and while it's all i asked for in an LFO!!! and with those features it's the cost of a VCO. So why can't VCO's be slowed down to super slow drone jobs just as easily and double as an LFO?
The uLFO is a LFO that can do audio ranges well. Other VCOs are audio range OSCs that can do low frequencies well. Where's the problem? hihi
no problem, the uLFO is my ideal of the perfect LFO, but why can't we save space and have an extra VCO switched to super slow to achieve these things? I guess it doesn't matter much but VCOs get a lot more money for tracking and shit. So if you have great VCOs why would you want an LFO? cost is the only thing that comes to mind. I have close to 30 modular VCOs but most don't have a switch to go to LFO!! it would be so nice if they did. But why have a separate LFO? can a VCO design not go slow enough?
modcan dual LFO can also be a simple AD envelope. it's nice to have dedicated LFO modules w/a different set of features as well as VCO's that go into the LFO range and LFO's that go into the audio range. the more the merrier.
If someone can build a VCO/LFO with multiple outs, PWM with an attenuator, a linear and exp FM input each with attenuators and a dedicated 1v/oct input confined to 8hp - then we won't need LFO's.

I doubt the Polivoks 8hp VCO will have all that. The uLFO is 14hp, I can't fit 5 or 6 of those in my modular like I have MFB Duals (8hp) and Plan-B M37's (4hp).

If most LFO's were 12-14hp, then that would be a serious question.
a VCO that can do LFO
an LFO that can do VCO
- same difference, if you ask me. Obviously if you're looking for something really compact then the 14HP uLFO might be too big, I just don't feel that way at all. It is like the AFG of LFOs.
wetterberg wrote:
It is like the AFG of LFOs.

It's great to have an LED on an LFO to indicate what the control signal is doing. Most VCOs don't have LEDs. I agree, once you start packing an LFO with functionality, you tend toward a VCO. One significant exception (beyond LEDs) is the presence of an output offset like the Cwejman PH-4 has. This is an extremely useful feature in an LFO, but it has no place on an audio source. I can't remember if the uLFO has an output offset.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Doepfer A-143-3 quad LFO, which is incredibly useful but lacks pretty much everything.
the m37 can do both LFO and VCO in a very compact format
of course you lost some features of more advanced LFOs/VCOs but at laast it got sync and some people said it sound close to an M15 in audio range
thetwlo wrote:
So why can't VCO's be slowed down to super slow drone jobs just as easily and double as an LFO?

Roger Arrick? Is that you? hihi
I often use my Cwejman D-LFO as a VCO and I often use my VCO as LFO too.

The zeroscilator is the craziest LFO I have ever try! It even has a LFO switch.
didn´t want to make up a new thread for this little Q:

has anybody had a MFB DualLFO?
how about it and is it good?

thx! k
Firm fav. here thumbs up

I have 2. Lots of power in a little package. Doesn't go very hi. freq. but has everything else you could want, voltage control, reset & some cool extras.
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