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one more source of uncertainty
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Author one more source of uncertainty
i'm looking to add one more (for now) random events/sequencing module to vary my drum patches. i just got a noise ring and use it for so many other things that by the time i get to drums, it's already used up. i'm considering another noise ring, a zorlon, or a wogglebug. any advice?
Take the Doepfer A-149/1+2. I love mine! You can also use it as a pitchable noise if you are using it with a clock in audio range thumbs up
The Random Out of the A118 is a great CV source. Other than that I'd opt for the Wogglebug.
Don't forget about the Chaquo.
for drums the 117 would be my choice in the doepfer-verse, its kind of related to the Noise Ring (I think) ina 2nd cousins, twice removed sort of way.

Input a 16ths clock & get random, but in time pulses... plus you get some bonus drum sounds thrown in on the bottom section thumbs up

I use my CGS Digital noises like this all the time, one gets 8ths, one gets 16ths, then the binary outs trigger a bunch of EGs for hand drummy goodness applause
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