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am2140 res filter coming-- in frac
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Author am2140 res filter coming-- in frac
This is the analog metropolis am2140 resonant filter clone of e u systems from rob keeble.

we have PCBs and frac panels in stock (1u wide) configured for banana or traditional jacks. Kits and assembled modules are coming. It's not loaded on the webstore yet, but will be soon.

This complements our frac am4023 filter, and will be followed by the am3320 filter as well.

This is a simple demo using a tri wave out. More demos and pictures to come!
The resonance on that thing is crazy! Emu modular stuff has always been something that interested me in the abstract, but they're so rare and so expensive that I had long ago abandoned the idea that I'd ever actually own any of it. I'll definitely be ordering one as soon as it goes up on your site.

applause applause applause applause
Nice! SlayerBadger!
Thank-you, synthcube for bringing all this cool stuff to the Frac format. we're not worthy
I've got the original technical catalog for the eMu modular synth. They have a boat load of filters available. The AM2140 resonant filter is a 12db/oct state variable filter (there are some still available at Synthcube). It features vc Q as well as output mixing of the LP/BP/HP outputs. "The Resonant Filter is an audio filter with an output capable of producing virtually any two pole pass characteristic. "
Per the manual, this filter was design as a "post processor" to a synth voice. It was possible in the eMu to have a number of them that could be in series or parallel. There was also a "Resonant Filter Bank" controller which could drive the frequency (and Q) of all of the 2140s from a single input.
"The Eµ 2145 Filter Controller allows voltage control of the frequency of two banks of Eµ 2140 Resonant Filters. Each bank of filters may contain from one to four 2140 units connected in any series or parallel combination. The bank center frequency will be determined by the 2145 controller while the formant shape will remain unchanged."

My question is "has anyone done any work with two or more of these filters, used in the architecture described above?
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