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Drum Accent control
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Author Drum Accent control
the bad producer

I've just built up the neinohnein rims and the mutant cowbell, and everything is super-great, sounds perfect, and the cowbell is awesome!

Only thing is I don't get the 'Accent' input - I'm probably just being a dunce though!

Just triggering the drums with trigger gives a nice loud noise, but as soon as I add an accent it does the opposite of what I expect, it stays the same volume until there is no accent and then it goes very quiet, indeed it goes off with no accent... Is that the correct operation? ie a varying CV will make the sound go louder and quieter, but if I unplug the accent control it is always maximum volume?


Have you tried an Accent Voltage that is really high? Something like a +10V gate signal?
the bad producer
Yes, in a sense the accent works ie higher volume when it is HIGH, but then with a jack connected to ACCENT and no ACCENT signal, the volume drops away, ie with a jack in that socket and no signal, output = nothing, with increasing voltage the volume increases until with 10V signal it is the same volume as it would be just being triggered and with nothing connected to ACCENT...

I sort of figured that the operation would be:

TRIGGER in = normal level sound
TRIGGER in + ACCENT in = louder sound when both together, normal level when just trigger is HIGH


TRIGGER in = Loudest volume
TRIGGER in + ACCENT in = Varying volume based on ACCENT voltage, only full volume if ACCENT is HIGH, if ACCENT is LOW output is OFF, with varying volumes in between...

For example with a constant trigger it goes bong-bong-bong at constant volume, if I then divide the trigger by 2 and put that into ACCENT it actually turns off the sound when there is no ACCENT present, rather than making it louder when there is one...

I guess it's not a problem per se, as it is the same operation cross both modules, I guess it's just not as I expected it!

Of course I could have made an error on both boards! I'm just wondering if either:

a) I screwed up the builds.
b) This is normal.
I haven't built one of those units, but this does indeed sound very strange.
Paradigm X
i would assume that the jack is normalised to a fixed voltage, as the x0x drums need some voltage on accent otherwise they dont fire at all.

Ive not built any tho tbh, just been reading a lot about xox drums.
the bad producer
d'oh! very frustrating

RTFM! hihi

-- This is an analogue input that responds to approximately 5V-
supply control voltage. Higher voltages mean the drum sounds punchier and
louder. This input is internally tied to +V so that it will always sound
the strongest possible if nothing is plugged into the jack.

Sorry, that was me then! zombie

Thanks for the help! OK, now I know it ain't fuxxored I can enjoy it, indeed the Accent being like that actually opens up lots of subtle amplitude possibilities - rather than LOUD and VERY LOUD, everything in between!

thumbs up
Paradigm X
yay, got something right! Rockin' Banana!
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